An introduction to the

Place by the Elms

An Internet Site for
Olmste(a)d Family History and Genealogy

Update — April 2017

“Place by the Elms” is now a cooperative effort with Olmste(a)d Family Association of a larger Internet site of the will bring together Olmste(a)d family news, a growing photo collection, and genealogical and interesting information about Olmste(a)ds.

Opened on December 4, 2007

I’m just getting started on this so you will find my
plans, notes, and references to what I want to include.
Likewise, rather than wait for each page to be “letter perfect”
it is presented in the development stage.

Currently, almost everything is in simple text format as I am a more text based person
than a graphics person. It takes time to put in all of the pictures and graphics to make it interesting.

Unless otherwise noted, I am the author of the contents of this website.
I welcome your ideas, suggestions, additions, and corrections.

Contact me directly at [email protected].
Please include OLMSTEAD (or Olmsted) in the subject line
so that I will be sure to open it promptly.
Please continue to Place by the Elms  to explore the entire site.
This site is under US Copyright laws.
Your are welcome to use or extract information from it to be included
in your genealogical work. All that I ask is for proper credit as:
“Place by the Elms,” an Internet site by Walt Steesy, Interlaken, NY.