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It is estimated that over 250 individuals with Olmste(a)d ancestry, within five generations, have taken a genetic DNA test. DNA is a great tool to help you find previously unknown cousins. Listed below are those that have given us written permission to be included in this listing. The first table gives their profile on WikiTree and the known Olmste(a)d lineage of the person tested with the birth year of the earliest listed ancestor. The second table shows the test(s) companies & ID of each individual. The third is their contact information.

Tests at 23andMe may be either ancestral (autosomal) or medical; Ancestry are autosomal; FTDNA may be either Y-DNA (male), mtDNA (female), and/or Family Finder (autosomal); MyHeritage are autosomal.

The identification on DNA testing companies for individuals may be by name, nickname, initials, or number. They are shown here to aid you knowing who might appear on your own “cousins” chart provided by your DNA testing company.

GEDmatch is a free site to post your actual DNA results coupled with a family tree that connects you with others across multiple testing companies. It gives far wider potential matches that are not easily determined if they are true matches.

To be added to this Internet page and hopefully bring you additional cousin contacts, email at DNA.

Lineage of those tested

 Name Wiki Olmste(a)d Lineage
Cartwright, Robert Cartwright-1435 Bruce Olmstead > Frank > George > Jacob > Stephen, b. c.1790
Steesy, Mary Cartwright-1404 Bruce Olmstead > Frank > George > Jacob > Stephen, b. c.1790

Tests taken

 No. Name  23andMe  Ancestry  FTDNA  My Heritage  Ged Match
 3  Alpha test  ######   ####
 1  Cartwright, Robert  19186
 000  Beta test   #######  #######
 000  Beta test   ######
 2  Steesy, Mary  M.S.   ####

Contact Information

Persons that have given permission for us to share their contact information.

 Number Name  City  Email
 000  Not published; request contact info  none
 1  Cartwright, Robert (c/o Walt Steesy)  (deceased)  [email protected]
 2  Steesy, Mary  Interlaken, NY  [email protected]
 3  Alpha test  xxxx  xxxx

For persons with “none” in the Email address please email DNA and ask for the individuals postal address and/or phone number.

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