Immigrant Olmste(a)ds

This is an attempt to identify the beginning of immigrant Olmste(a)d lines to North America. (Not included are those who immigrated from Canada to the US.) Some may actually be of another form of the surname, such as Almstead or Umstead, but were found in census or other documents as an Olmste(a)d.

From England

Emmander Olmstead, born May 1841 in England. Living in Buffalo, NY with his companion Sally Lake in 1900.

Fred Olmstead, born c1847 in England. Living in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, May and son Frederick in 1870.

Henry Olmstead, born c1814 in England. Married with three children in Manhattan, NYC in 1870.

James Olmsted, born Abt. 4 Dec 1580 in England.  He married Joyce Cornish. From Essex, England on the Lyon 16 Sept 1632 to Cambridge, MA. To Hartford, CT 1636.

James Olmsted, born c1823 in England. Single, working on a farm in Elbridge, Onondaga Co., NY in 1870.

Dr. John Olmstead (between 1620 & 1626-2 Aug 1686) emigrated from Essex, England and arrived on the Lyon at Boston on September 16, 1632 and then to Cambridge under the care of his uncle, James Olmstead, with his brother Richard and sister Rebecca. In 1636, he removed from Newtown to Hartford with his uncle and shortly to Saybrook and on to Norwalk in 1660. He was a freeman in 1662 and served as a Surgeon serving in militia in King Philip’s War. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Marvin. He received land by will of Joshua Uncas in1675. His will was probated 22 September 1686 and left most of his large estate to his brother and sister; no children were mentioned in his will and his wife died before he did.

Nehemiah Olmsted, born 1618; died 1658.  He married Elizabeth Burr. Son of James. From Essex, England on the Lyon 16 Sept 1632 to Cambridge, MA. To Hartford, CT 1636.

Nicholas Olmsted, born 1612; died 1684.  He married (1) Sarah Loomis 1640  He married (2) Mary Lord Aft. 1660. Son of James. From Essex, England on the Lyon 16 Sept 1632 to Cambridge, MA. To Hartford, CT 1636.

Peter Olmsted, born c1823 in England; living with his wife Mary (born c1837) and daughter, Mary (born c1836) in Cornwall, Orange Co., NY.

Rebecca Olmstead (?-1698) emigrated from Essex, England and arrived on the Lyon at Boston on September 16, 1632 under the care of her uncle, James Olmstead, with her brothers Richard and John. She married Thomas Newell of Farmington, CT between 1640 and 1643.

Richard Olmstead, born 1612; died 1684. Nephew of James. From Essex, England on the Lyon 16 Sept 1632 to Cambridge, MA. To Hartford, CT 1636. To Norwalk, CT 1650.

Wallace Olmstead, born c1842 in Dunham, England. He was a miner in the 1880 Wyoming Village, Luzerne Co., PA census.

William Olmsted, born Nov 1851 in England. He and his family were in Jermyn, Luzerne Co., PA in 1900.

From Scotland

John Olmstead, born c1805 in Scotland. He is a printer in Boston, MA in the 1860 Census with Mary, wife, and four children born in Mass.

E. Olmstead, born c1858 in Scotland. He and his wife, Annie, born c1859 in Nova Scotia, are in the 1910 census of Meadow Garden, King Co., WA

From Norway

Amund Olmstead, born c Aug 1871 in Norway. He is listed in the 1900 Census of Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND as a day laborer.

Elling Olmstead, born c1829, Norway; married Leona who was also born in Norway, c1835. They are listed with their children, Harriet and Carl, b in Wisconsin, in the 1870 Dunn, Dane Co., WI Census.

Erling Olmstead, born 18 Oct 1900 in Norway; died 22 Dec 1983 in Galveston, TX. Appears in 1930 Census in Galveston, TX, as son-in-law of Christin Holmes. His son Ellis has provided a copy of Erling’s birth certificate.

George A. “Gus” Olmstead, born Feb. 1861 in Norway; m Lydia A. who was born in Norway in Oct. 1872. Their seven children were born in Utah. The family is listed is listed in the 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 census.

Harry C. Olmstead, born c1877, and his wife Emma, born c1898 (probably 2nd wife), both born in Wisconsin. The 1920 Census of Plymouth, Rock Co. WI indicates their parents were born in Norway. I believe he is a brother of Olaf, b. 1874, below as they had adjoining farms in Plymouth (1920 & 1930 census), and thus another son of Ole.

Jacob Olmstead, born c1860 in Norway. He appears in the 1910 Census of Superior, Douglas Co. WI with his wife, Martha who was born in Norway c1864. I believe that he is the brother of Ole, b. 1868, listed below, who appears on the same census page; Jacob has a son named Ole.

John Olmstead, born c1891 in Norway, appears in the 1910 Census of Whitehall, Trempealeau Co., WI, as a warehouse laborer.

Morris Olmstead, b. c1884 in Norway; m c 1913 Mayme who was born c1888 in Wisconsin; their four children were born in North Dakota. The family is listed in the 1930 Census of Sharon, Steele Co., ND.

Ola Olmstead, born 1833 in Norway, is listed as the father-in-law of Ernest Boll in the 1920 Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR Census. Ernest and his wife, Lovina were born in Wisconsin. In 1910, Ola was living with another daughter, Helen Roy and her family in Muskogee, OK. Ola arrived in the US in 1858 and was naturalized in 1873. There is a Ola D. Olmstead married in Dane, WI on 5 Feb 1866.

Olaf Olmstead, born c1874, and his wife Tille, born c1871, were both born in Wisconsin. The 1910 Census of Plymouth, Rock Co., WI indicated that their parents were born in Norway. He may be a son of Ola, b. 1833, above.

Ole Olmstead, born c1868 in Norway; his wife, Rose, is also born in Norway. The family is listed in Superior, Douglas Co., WI in 1910 Census. See Jacob Olmstead above.

Ole W. Olmsted, born c1875 in Norway, married Ada. They are listed, with their children, in the 1910 and 1920 Census of Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., ND.

Orely Olmsted, born c1825 in Norway; married Dorand, also born in Norway. They are listed in the Kelso, Sibley Co., MN 1860 Census.

Peter M. Olmstead, born May 1855 in Norway; died Aft. 1920.  He married Ida c1888 in Wisconsin; born Sep 1870 in Wisconsin; died Bet. 1900-1920. Found in the 1900 US Census of Fairchild, Eau Claire Co., WI

— Olmstead, born c1820 in Norway. He married Christine Overland who was born Sept. 1822 in Norway. Found in the 1900 Census of Newark, Rock Co., WI. He is not listed but his son Peter is listed with father being born in Norway and thus I assume the father is in the US. He maybe the Peter M. in Fairchild, Eau Clare Co. except that Peter’s wife was born Wisconsin. The son Peter’s wife, Christine, is born in Norway and thus is also an immigrant.
There must be a relationship between this family and those of Olaf, born c1874, and Harry, born c1877, as they are all in Rock Co., WI

From Sweden

Olaf Olmsted, born c1845 in Sweden. Found in the 1910 Census for Lowell, MA with wife Johanna, also born Sweden. They had been married for 33 years, probably in Sweden; He emigrated in 1885, she eight years later in 1893. I could not locate in Mass in 1900 census.

Oliver Olmstead, born 1842 in Sweden and to the US in 1890. Appears in 1900-1930 census of Dickinson Co., KS w/ Mary (wife), and six children (Oscar, Lena, Emma, John, Ellen, and Harvey), all b Sweden (1871 to 1885). In the 1900 census, he uses his Swedish name, Olaf Ulmstedt; In 1910 and later records he is Oliver Olmstead.

From Germany

Carl Olmsted, born c1892 in Germany. He was an employee on a ship that arrived in New York City on a ship that sailed from England.

From Switzerland

Jacob Amstutz Olmstead, born Bet. 1800 – 1825 in Sygersville, Berne, Switzerland.  He married Barbara Ricksecker. From Switzerland to Tuscarawas Co., OH. Adopted the Olmstead name (reason unknown) upon entering this country.

Original Country Unknown

I’m not sure either of these two are immigrants; they are included here as they are the beginning of the third and fourth largest Olmste(a)d lines in North America.

Jabez Olmsted, born c1690; died c1752 in Ware, Hampshire Co., MA.  He married (1) Thankful Barnes c1712  He married (2) Martha Wright c1748. He was in Deerfield, MA in 1709. About 16?? to Brookfield (1713) and Ware, MA (1729). DNA shows no “modern” relationship with the Olmste(a)ds of Essex, England

Stephen Olmstead, born c1790. Stephen first appears in 1850 census as Stephen Homstead, living in household of his son Jacob in Mifflin Twp. (Salladasburg), Lycoming Co. In 1840 census in Pine Twp., Clinton Co. The line is heavily concentrated in Lycoming Co. to this day. The DNA project shows no connection with any of the other Olmste(a)d lines or any of the Germanic Umste(a)d lines in southern Pennsylvania.

Others Possible Olmste(a)ds

There are a number of individuals who have names that have been indexed as Olmste(a)ds from Census or other documents. This has occurred when the writing is unclear or the indexer was in doubt of what they were reading. I am listing the ones that have been found to avoid duplicate effort in the future. If they are proved as Olmste(a)d lines, i.e. in North America the descendants continue to use Olmste(a)d, they will be moved to the appropriate section above.

Billy, John, and John Ohmstead from Norway, found in the 1900 Census of Stanton, Goodhue Co., MN.

Abraham Olmstutz, born c1869 in Switzerland, appears with his wife and eight children in the 1900 Census of Monroe, IN as Amstutz/Olmstutz. There are many other Swiss immigrants in the area. He appears in the 1910 Census of Claquaton, Lewis Co., WA as Olmstead. I could only find four of the children in 1920, one of which used Amstutz.

Andrew M. Olmstad, born c1847 in Norway, m Christina, b c1847 in Norway. They appear in the Meadow Brook, Cass Co., MN 1920 Federal Census where he is a farmer.

Andrew Olmstad, born c1863 in Norway. He appears in the Auburn, King Co., WA 1920 Census where he is a carpenter.

John Olmstad, born c1891 in Norway. No naturalization information but he was a U.S. Army veteran when he was listed in the 1920 Census of Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.

Lars and Marta Alvested, born c1857 in Norway, appears in the 1930 Census of Lyon, Hamilton Co., IA.

Ole Ormstead, born c1833 in Norway. Listed in the 1920 Census of Hot Springs Ward 6, Garland Co., AR.


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