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Sometime back, when I learned of the death of an Olmste(a)d family member who had passed the century mark, I wondered how many others have reached that mark. More than I might expect might be the answer, particularly now that modern medicine coupled with better living conditions this past 150 years kept Willard on NBC’s Today Show (before he retired) with more centurions than he could announce each day. Fifty years ago someone reaching 100 was highly unusual; recently Willard honored two that were 106. Many entries below were extracted from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) which usually lists the residence at death; when that is not given I have included the state where the SS # was issued. Listed are those with a last name Olmste(a)d and spouses of Olmste(a)ds; we have not carried it down through change of family name to other direct descendants who have passed the century mark.  In the notes column will be their number (as ####*) if listed in the 1912 Olmsted Family in America genealogy. When SSDI appears in the notes column it is an indication that we have not yet identified that person within our Olmste(a)d records. If they have a profile on wikitree.com (an online, world-wide tree) their ID will be given — just add it to the URL https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/


Name Birth Date Death Date Residence Age Notes WikiTree ID
Harvey, Kitty Mary (Bonham) 12 Jan 1860 10 Jul 1972 Minneapolis, MN  112 6720*;  Mrs. William Bonham-1132
Olmstead, Molly M. (Garrett) 13 Oct 1899 15 Apr 2005 Wartburg, TN 105 Mrs. Carl Garrett-8812
Olmstead, Daniel (7665*) 3 Sep 1870 16 Sep 1975 Eaton Co., MI 105 7665* Olmstead-6087
Bisset, Margaret Pearl (Olmstead) 24 Dec 1892 9 May 1996 Winnipeg, MB 103 Olmstead-6499
Olmsted, Beulah A. (Hann) 16 Sep 1900 10 Oct 2003 Ogallala, NE 103 Mrs. Frederick (8800*) Hann-716
Clark, Mary Melita (Olmstead) 13 Jun 1908 12 Jun 2011 Burlington, Ontario, Canada 102 Olmstead-6472
Olmstead, Ollis Leroy 25 Mar 1902  7 May 2004 Caribou, ME 102 Olmstead-5453
Olmstead, Herbert George 12 Apr 1912 9 Nov 2014 Wisconsin & Texas 102 Olmstead-5178
VanDiver, Delia May (Olmstead) 3 May 1905 5 Jul 2007 Slidel, LA 102 Mrs. Harold (3365*) Olmstead-4484
Olmsted, Rhoda (Silliman) 29 Sep 1800 23 Dec 1901 Hobart, NY 101 Mrs. Levi (4372*) Silliman-408
Olmsted, Anna (unknown) 30 Nov 1885 Jul 1987 Hartford, CT 101 Mrs. Roy (3436*) Unknown-491357
Olmsted, Gertrude Ethyl (Lewis) 24 Sep 1888 10 Nov 1989 Saginaw, MI 101 Mrs. Ray Lewis-37725
Olmstead, Marion 17 Jan 1885 20 Jan 1986 Daytona Beach, FL 101 Mrs. Samuel (10226*) Sheldon-3628
Olmstead, Florence (Peckham) 2 Oct 1885 Nov 1986 New Bern, NC 101 Mrs. Frank (3357*) Peckham-1130
Olmstead, Avis Cleo (Allen) 8 Oct 1896 7 Mar 1998 Newington, CT 101 Mrs. Herbert Allen-40911
Olmsted, Anne (Johnson) 25 Dec 1901 17 Feb 2003 Harrah, OK 101  Mrs. Claude W. Johnson-87919
Olmsted, Ethel (Johnson) 31 Oct 1891 28 Nov 2002 Cairo, NY 101  Mrs. John (3040*) Johnson-87920
Drake, Mildred Bambury (Olmstead) 3 Jan 1909 5 Mar 2010 Pulaski, NY 101 3762* Olmstead-7087
Olmsted, Mary (Crampton) 1852 27 May 1953 Holdrege, NE 100 Mrs. Henry (2044*) Crampton-664
Olmstead, Hazel Reed 29 Aug 1885 Sep 1985 Camillus, NY 100 Olmstead-4473
Olmsted, Mary Edna (Cassidy) 1 Mar 1888 31 Aug 1988 Newark, NY 100 Mrs. Harry L. Cassidy-2610
Olmsted, Margaret 7 Feb 1894 26 Oct 1994 Rock Island, IL 100 3700* Olmsted-2817
Olmsted, Iantha Myrle (Fichter) 5 Jan 1895 10 May 1995 Cedar Springs, MI 100 Mrs. Carl C. Fichter-44
Olmsted, Grace (Mather) 16 Dec 1891 24 Feb 1992 Marshall, MI 100 Mrs. George S. Mather-1547
Olmstead, Hanna 29 Dec 1891 20 May 1992 Luther Valley, WI 100 Mrs. John S. Springen-1
Olmstead, Edna (Hayes) 11 May 1903 1 Aug 2003 Rupert, ID 100 Mrs. Frederick R. (10169*) Hayes -13481
Olmsted, Louise K. (Blosl) 24 Aug 1904 7 Dec 2004 Las Vegas, NV 100 Mrs. Branche (8975*) Blosl-17
Olmstead, Hazel L. (Young) 9 Feb 1907 13 Feb 2007 Kirkland, WA 100 Mrs. Ralph E. Young-36610
Grasley, Stella Mae (Olmstead) 18 Aug 1909 23 Jul 2010 Algoma, WI 100 Olmstead-7215

Diamond (75th) Wedding Anniversaries

It would probably be appropriate to also include those, if any, who have achieved the 75th wedding anniversary milestone.

Multiple births

Another group that has caught my eye, but I didn’t track, are multiple births; twins are not uncommon but triplets and quadruplets are worthy of note. Please inform me of any of these special family members that should be noted here. Recent statistic for births in the US: Twins — 3.31% (1/30), Triplets — 0.14% (1/715), and Qunits — 0.00092% (1/10,870).


There was a report of a set of triplets, all of whom survived, born in the early 1900s. We have not yet identified them.

Bernice, Berta, and Bertha Olmstead, daughters of Harmon Camp Olmstead and Rebecca Levonia Lee were born on 26 Oct 1872 in Henry County, Illinois. None of them survived more than one day.

Named in the California Birth Index on ancestry.com are triplets Jane, Janet, and Robert Olmstead, born 25 October 1944 in Fresno to Herbert George and Eva Elizabeth (Dietrich) Olmstead.

Named in their father’s obituary (25 Sept 2011) are Regan, Avery, and Trinity Olmstead, born in the 1990s, children of Ronald and Debra (Null) Olmstead of Dover, Massachusetts.


Thomas and Mary (Ward) Olmsted are the proud parents of John Thomas, Susan Catherine, Charlotte Ann, and Russell Randall Olmsted born on 24 March 1994 in Shreveport, LA.

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