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In the 1970s at a conference held in Buffalo, NY to discuss the condition of their Frederick Law Olmsted (FLO) designed parks, I had the opportunity to address the group and let them know that there were many other interesting members of the Olmste(a)d family than the famous Frederick Law Olmsted. The following is just a sampling of Olmste(a)ds that I’ve run across over the years. I am sure that their are many more and invite submissions to be added to the list.

General George Olmsted, Marshall Plan and International Bank — www.olmstedfoundation.org

Adam Olmstead — musician. www.agolmstead.com. Adam G. Olmstead was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on September 14, 1974. Adam Olmstead, P.O. Box 126, Moore’s Mills, New Brunswick, CAN E5A3C9

Richard Jonathan Olmsted, www.richardolmsted.com. Artist, b. 26 Oct 1983, Mount Vernon, WA. [email protected]; PO Box 845, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. Shows 2002-2005.

Tim Olmstead Memorial Digital Research CP/M Library — I asked for info from [email protected]. She answered; Tim (1950-2001) was from Dallas, TX.

Alan L. Olmstead, Professor of Economics and Director, Institute of Governmental Affairs, University of California, Davis. [email protected]

Dan Olmsted, investigative reporter for United Press International, and author of the Age of Autism. See article http://www.counterpunch.org/pringle12222005.html

Richard A. Olmstead, candidate for Calif. State Assembly, District 6, 2064 Magnolia Ave, Petluma, CA 94952; [email protected] (b.c1944) Owner, Tri-County heating and air conditioning, Petaluma.

Peter D. Olmsted, Professor of Theoretical Soft Condensed Matter Physics, University of Leeds, UK www.irc.leeds.ac.uk/~phy6pdo

Marc Olmsted, poetry workshop, San Francisco, CA — www.geocities.com/marcolmsted

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Phoenix, AZ —


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