Other Olmste(a)d Websites or URLs with
Olmstead or Olmsted
as part of their name

Many of these were found by a Google search. To make them easier to read, I have capitalized some letters within the character string; some browsers may not accept capitalized letters in the URL. Not include are the many family trees on ancestry or other genealogical sites. Please inform us of others that should be added to this page.


 www.Olmstead.net — Descendants of Van Dregge Olmstead of (1921-1996) of Michigan is the subject of a number of pages of the site hosted by Van, Jr. It includes family photos and some genealogy.

www.OlmsteadFamily.com — a personal site by Cassandra Olmstead of Tempe, AZ

There is a report of a “Olmsted of Green Co” (? NY) site for the descendants of Ichabod. I have not determined who posts the site; it maybe part of another site.

www.ClanOlmstead.com — family of ? located in Illinois

www.OlmstedCamp.com — In the early part of the Twentieth Century, John Bartow Olmsted, a Buffalo attorney, leased several acres of farm land near Sardinia in southern Erie Co. and erected the first of several buildings that became the gathering point for many of his descendants There will be a more extensive article about the family posted at a later time.

www.WarrenOlmstead.tribalpages.com –The Warren-Olmstead family site by Terry Warren. A nice start to tie together members of this family.


www.Olmstead.com —  I cannot determine what this site is or where located.

www.Olmsted.com — musician Andy Olmsted of Watertown, MA;; includes his biography in addition to samples of his music, his CDs for sale, etc.

www.Olmsted.net — Mike Olmsted of South Lake Tahoe, CA. He also is holds www.MikeOlmsted.com.

www.Olmsted.org — the official site for the National Association of Parks (NAOP).

www.OlmstedGroup.com — the pet food business of Michael located in Janesville, WI. Included are “family links” to pages with an assortment of various Olmsted things. It is somewhat disconnected.

www.RCOlmstead.com — data processing service in Dublin, OH


In recent years, do to relatively low cost to “buy” your own name as a .com, .name, .net, and others, many individuals have their own URL which is more that likely used just within a tight circle of friends and family. I will not attempt to list all of those as they come and go rapidly. Listed here will only be ones of interest to a wider audience.

www.AndrewOlmsted.com — Andrew Olmsted, Major, U.S. Army. His own discussion of topics of the day, military and other. NOTE: Andrew was on duty in Iraq when he was killed by a sniper on January 3, 2008. He had a BLOG that was published on the Rocky Mountain News and he added to it a couple of times a week as time permitted. He had written a “last post” that was given to a friend with instructions to add it to the Blog in the event of his death. There is a link from his website to the Blog and I encourage everyone to read it. I don’t know how long the site will remain active; please notify me if you discover the removal of the site so that I can make an appropriate correction to this entry.

www.AndrewOlmstead.com — Andrew Olmsted, musician in London, Ontario, Canada.

www.FrederickLawOlmsted.com — a single one page site with interesting links to FLO info & projects, I cannot determine who owns the site or posts the information; it may be Christopher Glynn Parker.


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