Things Olmste(a)d

How do you classify the collection of miscellaneous things named for an Olmste(a)d. Well, I couldn’t come up with anything easier than “things.

Olmsted MapleAcer Platanoides `Olmsted’ — developed by the ___ nursery, North Olmsted, Ohio. The Olmsted Maple (a Norway Maple) grows to a height of 25′-45′ with a crown spread of 20′-35′; an upright, columner tree with good salt tolerance and more resistant to leaf scorch than other cultivars is well suited for urban settings.

The Olmste(a)d Family Association has placed Olmsted Maples as memorial in the following places:
* The Ancient Burying Ground, Center Church Cemetery, Hartford, CT. (July 1986, OFA reunion.)
* University of Evansville, IN in honor of Ralph Evans Olmsted (1899-1983) who served the university for over eight years. (1982)
* Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC. Planted in the gardens below the mansion in honor of FLO who was the planner for the estate grounds and the creation of the Biltmore Forest. (July 1992, OFA reunion)

Olmsted Lilac — Syringa vulgaris. ‘Frederick Law Olmsted’ — named for FLO who was involved in planning the famous Lilac Park in Rochester, NY. From a nursery in Rochester.
* Roberts Wesleyan University, Chili, NY (July 2010, OFA reunion)

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