Olmstead Hall Guest Book

Our thanks to Brian Kiddy, Sue Olmsted and others for providing images from the guest book since Roger & Margaret Ruth photo copied the book in 1982. Additional entries for visitors, who may not have signed the guest book, are included below; such visits have been reported directly to us by the individual or one of their family members.

The comments include any additional information written by guests (shown in italics) plus genealogical information to help place them in the family tree [displayed in brackets].

Please report any other visits by family to Olmstead Hall.

Date Guest Hometown Comments
28 Feb 1982  John C. Olmstead  New York, NY I appreciate your hospitality and the opportunity to visit the house.
12 Mar 1982  Marie Bishop (OFA #97), daughter of Ruth Elizabeth (Olmsted) Bishop (3662*)  Ames, IA Such a thrill to be in the home of my ancestors. Mrs. Kiddy is such a generous person.
[I am the 11th generation of James Olmsted who came to the colonies on the ship Lyon in 1632. My mother, Ruth Olmsted, was a daughter of John J. Olmsted.
13 Apr 1982  Richard W. & Barbara Olmsted, MD,
Gail (Olmstead) & Granville Snyder, III with Abigail Olmstead Snyder and Giles Snyder, IV
 Denver, CO

Seattle, WA

Lovely visit and our thanks to Mrs. Kiddy who was so gracious.
A perfectly lovely spot — so full of family history.
11 Jul 1982 Nancy Olmsted Cherry A very rewarding experience
[Mrs. Brent; dau of Jerome Olmsted][James line; 12th generation]
15 Jul 1982 Henry L. Olmstead  Tacoma, WA Visited this beautiful home with my wife Dorothy (Lucas) formerly of Northampton and Ken & Betty Fenn of Northampton. This trip into history is an experience never to be forgotten. We are extremely fortunate that our home in the care of such a gracious family.
27 Aug 1982 Charles M. Shultz  Evansville, IN I visited the old homestead on my mother’s side of the family. The first time I visited with my brother Herman in March 1944 [both were stationed in England during WW-II]. This time with my wife Evelyn. Thanks to Mrs. Kiddy we had a very nice visit.
[Son of Elizabeth Shellman Olmsted (8470*)]
4 Oct 1982  Ruth L. Ott, daughter of Miriam (Olmstead) Lipman  Wallingford, CT What a thrill to finally fulfill the dream of my mother, Miriam Palmater Olmstead and my own father of course! It is a wonderful sense of history and happiness that permeates this wonderful old home.
26 Mar 1983 Mark Hamilton Hough Newcastle upon Tyne, England I am grandson of Martin Olmstead Wallace & am working in England for 4 months. The house is lovely! I must be back. Elsie Kiddy is so kind to us, Mike, Milse & John my friends.
[Mark Hamilton Hough, born 1959, Duluth, Minnesota, delivered by Martin Olmstead Wallace, MD (1907-1996)]
5 April 1983 Mark H. Hough Cary, Illinois Back again! Thanks to Mrs. Kiddy for the lovely tea & tarts. Great conversation & don’t miss the old bread stove! I’m impressed & grateful to be a part of this wonderful family! I’m in awe.
[Son of Bonnie Wallace & Charles Neff, daughter of Martin Olmstead and Dorothy Gordon, son of Ella Olmstead and Ernest L., daughter of Samuel & Lucy Ann Olmstead]
20 Apr 1983 Blair E. Olmstead Livingston, NJ My father would have cut me off if I hadn’t come but I’m delighted to have the chance. What a wonderful place, and delightful hostess.
[Son of Paul S. Olmstead (1897-1993)]
13 May 1983 Catherine J. Montana Curtis Fresno, CA A wonderful home and we appreciate the loving care.
19 Jun 1983 Jerry & Rita Richardson Alexandria, VA We are touring England and Scotland. We attended and wedding in Brighton yesterday of a business partner and are enjoying exceptionally beautiful weather. We are privileged to visit our ancestral home here in Olmsted Green. Thanks to the graciousness of our hostess, Vanda Kiddy!
[Grandson of Howard Stocker Olmsted, Sr. (1898-1983)]
24 Jun 1983  Theodore D. & Betsy Olmsted, Jr.  Glastonbury, CT Touring Wales, Scotland, England — with of course an obligatory stop at Olmsted Hall. Thanks for your hospitality and good luck in your new home, Brian!
30 Jul 1983  Bernice Olmstead & Kenneth Nichols
Normand H. & Jean D. Olmstead
 Kinnelon, NJ
Alexandria, VA
Wonderful ancestral home! Touring England Scotland, etc.
[previous visit was Aug 53 w/sister]; son of Normand and grandson of Rev. H. B. Olmstead, Branford, Connecticut
23 Aug 1983  Jane Conley and family  Midland, MI Finally, a dream come true to visit the home of our ancestors! Many thanks to the Kiddys for their hospitality!
[My Granddaughter of Alma Olmstead of the 9th generation of]
18 Aug 1983  Norman and Edith Olmstead  Mexico, NY An honor for us to be part of the clan. Many thanks to Brian and Anne.
22 Sep 1983  Olmstead Peet  Port Leyden, NY It is wonderful to see the home of my ancestors
8 Oct 1983  Robert & Adele Boydson  San Jose, CA A delight! The Kiddy’s are wonderful hosts.
[Gradson of Leila Olmstead]
24 Jan 1984  Daniel B. Olmstead  Brielle, NJ Wonderful experience. Much thanks to the Kiddy’s — they are doing beautiful work restoring the hall.
[Son of Richard W. Olmstead (1916-2004)]
17 Mar 1984  Glenn Olmstead  Pleasanton, CA Many thanks for your kindness and for making my visit such a warm and friendly experience.
10 May 1984  Audrey & Ken Miller  Royersford, PA How exciting to visit the home of our ancestors. I’m presently Vice Pres of the Olmste(a)d Family Association. I plan to share my excitement at our meeting in July in New Brunswick, Canada. Greetings from all the Olmste(a)ds in our name association.
29 May 1984  Joyce Olmstead Edney & Arthur Edney  Newton, NJ Well, here we are at last! It’s hard to realize my ancestors lived here so many hundreds of years ago. It’s good to know that such a lovely young couple are living here now
17 Jun 1984  Stephen W. Olmsted  Duluth, MN I inquired as to the current owner only to find that it was a relative-by-marriage of the family I would be staying with in England! It’s a small world. Many thanks for the Kiddy hospitality.
Stephen W. Olmsted, 4511 Cambridge St., Duluth, Minnesota 55804; son of Ward H., grandson of Everett W. Cousins & uncle have visited here before me;
2 Jul 1984  Mary Seymore Olmsted  Washington, DC A fascinating place; so glad I have seen it.
Mary (1919-2018), grand of George E. Olmsted, niece of Roland W. Olmsted who visited in 1921, and granddaughter of Henry Treat Olmsted
5 Jul 1984  Jan & Tom Olmsted Pierce, III  San Antonio, TX So glad we found it!
15 Jul 1984  Eric & Lettie Olmstead Eckberg  Ames, IA It’s great to be here — thanks for making us feel so “at home.”
24 Jul 1984  Charles E. Beveridge  Washington, DC It is marvelous finally to see the Hall after publishing FL Olmsted’s description of his visit and his stepson John’s shield.
24 Jul 1984  Dana F. White  Atlanta, GA A fitting pilgrimage.
28 Jul 1984  Catherine (Olmstead) Anthony  Elmira, NY [Daughter of R. B. Lyle Olmstead, Falls Church, Virginia (son of Andrew Grant Olmstead of Elmira, New York]
14 Aug 1984  Nancy Olmstead and Gary Whitehead Vancouver, British Columbia
26 Aug 84  Deborah English Pollard Home at last! After 700 years.
[great-grand-daughter of Carrie Olmsted of New York]
28 Sep 1984  Lucretia (Olmsted) & Cleveland Rettig  Suffield, CT It is delightful to visit the old homestead again.
Previously visited Sept. 22, 1945
14 Dec 1984  Kevin M. Olmstead  Greenville, NY [Grandson of Donald M. Olmsted, Cornwallville, NY]
22 Dec 1984  Robert Glen Olmstead  Winnepeg, Manitoba Thanks for an enjoyable visit.
[Son of John WIlliam Allen Olmstead; his sister Sharon visited in October 1986]
15 Mar 1985  Sally Lockwood Olmsted  Arlington, VA [Daughter of James F. Olmsted; great-grand-niece
of F.L. Olmsted]
5 Apr 1985  Rebecca Joan Olmstead with David Morris  Jackson, MS [Daughter of Don & Patricia (Osborn) Olmstead (who later visited in April 1993) who has done considerable genealogy work on the Olmstead family and has learned of this ancient home.]
It was a real pleasure to see Becky at her ancestor’s home
11 Apr 1985  M. Dennison & Betty Olmsted  Mount Morris, NY [Son of William D. Olmsted; third child of 3, born Dec 9, 1907]
14 May 1985  Sue & Chuck Gehrke  Ann Arbor, MI [Granddaughter of Fanny Olmstead of Hartford, Conn. Wife of James Olmsted Gaines, son of Fanny Olmstead.
24 May 1985  Goodwin Gregory Shepard  Fairhope, AL [A ninth direct decendant of Richard Olmstead]
4 Jun 1985  Phyllis J. Lundgred
William Jay Fichter
 Westbaden, West Germany
Princeton, IN
Wonderful experience thanks to Mrs. Kiddy.
[Children of Thelma Fern (Olmstead) Fichter, a tenth generation descendant of Richard of Norwalk.]
17 Jun 1985  Robert Allan and Marion (Myatt) Omstead; Irene (Myatt) Geffrey  Wheatley, Ontario We appreciate Mrs. Kiddy’s hospitality and enjoy the restoration of the grand old family home.
10 Sep 1985  Elizabeth Shepard Sheldon [Tenth generation descendant of Richard Olmsted]
30 Sep 1983  Joyce (Olmstead) Johnson  Moline, IL
30 Nov 1985  Katherine (Anderson) & Edmund Pfeifer  Kenneth Square, PA Sorry to hear that Mrs. Kiddy died.
Jan 1986  Jim Bolles  Norwalk, CT Too short a visit!
Director, Family Society Tours; Director for the Olmstead Family Tour, May 1986 (900th anniversary); 24 Murray St., Norwalk, CT 06851
Mar 1986  Elizabeth Olmstead Cushing Kolm  Wayland, MA A wonderful experience!
[Descendant of James]
23 May 1986  Dorrine (Robertson) MacNab  Willowdale, Ontario [A descendant of Gideon & Elizabeth Olmstead, who came to Mt. Pleasant area of Ontario in 1796 from the USA]
18 Oct 1986  Sharon Gwen (Olmstead) & Stephen Douglas Baker  Toronto, Ontario [Daughter of John William Allan Olmstead; her brother Robert visited in Dec. 1984]
23 Apr 1987  Lewis S. Olmstead  Ottawa, IL [Grandson of Lewis M. Olmstead, Shabbona Grove, Illinois]
24 Apr 1987  Anna (Olmstead) Smith with husband Richard and children Paul, Neil, and Joan Smith  Honeoye Falls, NY Enjoyed the opportunity to see my ancestral home. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and interest in restoring the home
[Daughter of Melvin George Olmstead]
16 May 187  Stephen B. Olmstead  Mount Vernon, NY Thanks so much
1 Jun 1987  Bob & Marion Omstead  Wheatley, Ontario It was good to see the Kiddys again and to see how much work they have done on the house.
6 Jun 1987  Stephen W. Olmsted, with son

Stephen L. Olmsted

 Duluth, MN
Saint Paul, MN
It’s fun to see the changes that have taken place since my last visit in 1984. The owners are most gracious and it’s such a delight to visit here. Hope to return again soon.
[Son of Ward Hubbell Olmsted (8087*).
On my first journey to England and Europe I stepped back in time with my father into the Olmsted History.
25 Jun 1987  Thomas Ward and Diane M. (Sittaro) Olmsted  Birmingham, MI [Grandson of Frederick Law Olmsted (10534*) of Detroit, MI]
6 Jul 1987  Dr. John S. & Frankie M. Olmsted
Mrs. Henry E. Olmsted, Jr.
 Summerfield, NC
Iowa City, IA
9 Jul 1987  Thomas W. Olmstead  Washington, DC At last a chance to be where it all started. What a great feeling. Family is originally from Iowa and Illinois before that.
14 Jul 1987  Dr. David L. Hetrick  Tucson, AZ A wonderful second visit (see 23 May 1987)
[Great-grandson of Sarah Lavilla Olmstead]
14 Aug 1987  Helen (Olmsted) Post and daughter Katherine M. Voorhees  Batavia, NY It was wonderful to see the original old home.
23 Aug 1987  Gene & Sarah (Paul) Olmsted, III  Philadelphia, PA Of the “Danville Olmsteds”
5 Jun 1988  Richard R. Olmstead Great visit to “roots” of long ago
Son of Royal Frazier Olmstead; Rebecca S. Olmstead
8 Jun 1988 Linda Dunswroth Tacoma, WA Beautifull
[Daughter of Vera Mabel Olmstead (Morkut)]
24 Jun 1988 Rosemary (Bradbury) (Olmstead) Chipps Cape Province, South Africa Visited on behalf of my sons Silas and Crispin Olmstead
Jun 1988 Jean Elizabeth (Benson) King Corpus Christie, TX [Daughter of Janette (Olmsted) Benson]
13 Jul 1988 Bernice Ruth (Olmsted) Johnson
Beverly Ruth (Johnson) Merlan
Joyce Elaine Church
Tina Olmstead
Cheryl Ann (Olmsted) Hammitepch
Altadena, CA
Bridgewater, NJ
Conway Springs, KS
Newberg, OR
Earlton, NY
Thank you
10 Oct 1988 Susan Olmsted (Ewell) Alden Fairport, NY The hall is in good hands – so glad’s being well looked after!
15 Oct 1988 Leota (Olmstead) & Howard Chichester Leicester, NY So thrilled to be here. Great hospitality
15 Apr 1989 Abigail Snydor Seattle, WA
14 Jun 1989  Mary Sara Olmsted  Amherst, NY Thank you so much, the restoration is great.
14 Jul 1989 Rev. Richard Darrell & Aula Olmstead Latham, NY This has been the dream of a lifetime. We are so grateful for this opportunity to “come home” and for the magnificent work the Kiddys have been doing on this grand old house. God bless and grant you peace & health
17 Jul 1989 Mary A. Gaines Gregory, MI [Granddaughter of Fanny Olmstead, died age 97 in 1963 in Toledo, Ohio]
11 Aug 1989  Frances (Voorhees) Whalen  Batavia, NY Olmsted Hall is being well looked after.
21 Oct 1989  Tina Orwig  Niles, OH Olmstead Hall is beautiful! It has been quite an experience finding my “roots”
Oct 1989 D. Christansen Boulder City, CO
7 Nov 1989 Garth & Norma Olmstead West Vancouver, British Columbia Thank you, Brian and Ann, for letting us see the “Olmstead Hall.” It is a great experience
28 Nov 1989 Shirley Ann (Olmstead) (Shaw) Darling Huntington Beach, CA You are so gracious. This is a dream come true. I have often though what the Hall would look like. It is really more than I would expected. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors.
28 Nov 1989 Louise Olmstead (Shaw) O’Connor Saint Joseph, MO Thank you for your hospitality! I feel apart history now! Please come visit me in America.
29 Dec 1989 Richard Allen Olmstead Petaluma, CA Thanks you for a warm welcome
10 Apr 1990 Arthur John & Margaret Olmsted Cedar, MI Thanks for your great hospitality
4 May 1990 Gordon & Dorothy Olmstead Nepean, Ontario Thank you for your kind hospitality and showing us the house
8 May 1990 Ruth A. (Olmstead) & Robert Predhome Princeton, NJ
12 Jul 1990 … G. Hom … [signature too faint to read] I very much appreciate your willingness in letting me have a look. It looks wonderful.
29 Sep 1990 Richard Seymour & Margaret Olmsted Manchester, CT Home at last!
17 Oct 1990 Dorothy (Gerdes) Churchill
Beverly (Churchill) Six…
Wallingford, CT
Hamden, CT
A visit realized. All credit to my daughter & son-in-law, Beverly & Bernie Saugonali. A beautiful and meaningful experience.
[Daughter of Zelma (Olmsted) Gerles (8467*)]
So nice Anne and her husband still “admit” the families to “tour” their home. Thank you! It’s been quite nice.
[Granddaughter of Zelma (Olmsted) Gerdes]
23 Dec 1990 Kristen Elizabeth Olmstead Manchester Center, VT Thank you for being so kind, and allowing me to follow in my father’s footsteps. The history here is amazing, thank you and god bless.
[Her parents visited on 14 July 1989]
31 Mar 1991 Gulik & Nancy Olmstead Topsfield, MA We cannot believe we found it. But once here, the genealogy has come to life. Thank you for your hospitality!
18 May 1991 Edith A. Scott
Anne K. Avelon
Bellingham, WA A special treat to visit the origin of this “branch” of our tree. Thank you

Thank you for keeping the history of our family alive. It’s a beautiful home

6 Jul 1991 Robert Livingston & Gwyneth Loud Lincoln, MA After reading Frederick Law Olmsted’s description of the “house” and his journey to it in 1850, I had to come. I’m glad I did! See previous comments for all that can be said.
12 Sep 1991 Coral Leslie Olmsted Arapahoe, NE I finally got here!
20 Sep 1991 Julia Ernestine Olmsted La Plata, MD A lovely visit!
6 Nov 1991 Mildred (Wright) Lykes

Bonita Lykes

Avoca, NY
Martinsburg, WV
What a joy to find this home that I have heard so much about

Found it! Lovely!

8 Dec 1991 Jason C. Mathison Mukwonago, WI Loved to have seen the place, I’m glad that I was stationed over here with the US Navy to experience British life for a few years.
6 Jun 1992 Elmer Wesley McLeod Richmond, British Columbia So happy to be here with my wife, Emily, and Ron Emerson who lives in London. How moving to see this wonderful Old Olmstead home. Thank you for your warm welcome!
Son of Cordelia Olmstead, daughter of Foster Olmstead of Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
3 Aug 1992 Marianna (Dodd) Hoover and granddaughter Christy West Plains, MO Thanks so much for a lovely visit. We finally found it.
13 Aug 1992 Dorothy Jane (Griffith) Charlson

Alyssa Jane & Charly Spyksma

Edmonds, WA

Bow WA

Can’t believe I actually found the place. It is lovely and quaint and wonderful.
[Mother of Dorothy Mary Olmsted]
I’m here at age 11 and found where some of my relatives lived!
[Grandchildren of Dorothy Jane Charlson]
2 Aug 1992 Ronald, Elizabeth, and Heather Hutson Bunker Hill, IL [Descendants of Walter & Beulah Olmsted]
14 Aug 1992 Peter Charles and Laura Olmsted London, UK It is interesting to trace my family history back to this very place.
[Originally from Ontario, Canada, son of Charles E. Olmsted of Hamilton and now North Bay, Ontario]
20 Sep 1992 Arlene (Truax) Bock

Shirley (Bock) Huss

Fulton, NY

Newtown, CT

Thanks you Ann, for your hospitality. Enjoyable second visit.
[Daughter of Ruth Elizabeth (Olmsted) Truax and granddaughter of Gilbert Olmsted.]
Have heard about the Olmsted Hall for years I feel tremendously privileged to be here. All of us appreciate the wonderful hospitality and generosity of the Kiddys
[Arlene Bock’s daughter]
27 Sep 1992 Lila (Geiger) Olmstead
Angela (Olmstead) Vikesland
Lettie (Olmstead) Eckberg
Toddville, IA
Saint Charles, IL
Rochester, MN
6 Oct 1992 George R. & Polly Anderson Louisville, KY Delightful visit — appreciate hospitality.
[Son of Katherine Anderson and grandson of Emma Putnam Olmsted (4401)]
25 Apr 1993 Mary Valjean (Olmsted) Bell with son Charles Edward BEll, Jr., daughter Suzann (Bell) Heilman and grandson Benjamin Charles Bell Lincoln, NE I’ve looked forward to seeing Olmsted Hall sense I was a child and my father wanted so much to see it and never got too. The Kiddy’s have been such pleasant hosts I’ve enjoyed my wonderful stay. Thanks again Brian and Ann.

[Daughter of Clement Earl and Mary Blanche Olmsted]

25 Apr 1993 Don Gerald & Patricia Joan Olmstead Jackson, MS We thoroughly enjoyed visiting this fine old home, and appreciate very much the continuing efforts of the Kiddys to maintain the home in good condition, while maintaining the old, old character.
[Daughter Rebecca Olmstead visited on 5 April 1983]
14 May 1993 Richard W. & Margaret Olmstead Brielle, NJ We are grateful that Olmstead Hall is in such worthy and dedicated hands. May God be with you , Ann and Brian Kiddy!
16 May 1993 Ray George & Jane (Wallick) Olmstead Galesburg, IL Thanks for the great work in refurbishing the Olmstead Hall. Thanks for showing us thru.
27 May 1993 Jean Christensen Washington, DC Thanks for showing us a lovely house.
[Granddaughter of Avis Olmstead Christenson]
17 Jun 1993 Lynn (Herbig) Steg Hickory, NC Thank you for your time and allowing us to see Olmstead Hall

[Granddaughter of Marshall Olmstead]

9 Jul 1993 Charley King Fairmont, IN Thank you for your hospitality!
Jul 1993  Emily Lara Olmstead, and her brother Benjamin Edwin Olmstead  Amesbury, MA
Tucson, AZ
[Grandchildren of Earl William Olmstead who visited June 1981]
3 Aug 1993 Tim & Patricia Driskel and Scott and Timothy, Jr. Virginia Beach, VA My son Scott located the hall. What a wonderful experience for all of us, to find this special place and to meet the special people who live here. Thank you!
[Son of Shirley Olmsted; grandson of David Olmsted of Cleveland, Ohio]
5 Sep 1993 Richard W. & Mary B. Olmstead

Peter Olmsted

Hanover, NH

Cambridge, England

An experience I have hoped for for many years. Thank you for your gracious tour
In Cambridge for a couple years; you’ve done a great job with the restoration. Thanks so much.
11 Nov 1993 Sam McClure King of Prussia, PA Have seen photos for years; interesting to finally get here.
24 Feb 1994 Rhonda Olmstead and Bruce Henderson Oceanville, NJ I cannot describe how it feels to be in this house it is wonderful thank you so much Mr.& Mrs. Kiddy for being so good to the Olmsteads.
[Daughter of Clifford & Beverly J. Olmstead of Marshalltown, IA]
21 Mar 1994 Deke Olmsted
Richard W. Olmstead
Portland, OR Traveled from Oregon, USA to say hello to our lineage.
Came for second time, 7000 miles from Oregon
30 Mar 1994 Jeffery W. & Phyllis M. Olmstead Ococe, FL What a beautiful old homestead
30 Apr 1994 Jessica Lynn Morley Pennsylvania What a gorgeous place!! Thanks you!
31 May 1994 Bob & Ruth (Matthews) Westerdale Jacksonville, IL A long awaited dream come true. Wonderful experience.
[Great-granson of Lucy Jane (Olmsted) Overlander (7137*)
15 Jun 1994 Jim & Grace Olmstead Carberry, Manitoba So glad to make it here to see this heritage house.
1994  Richard Don Olmstead  Grand Rapids, MI
18 Jun 1995 Barbara (Olmstead) Sullivan Saltwater, MA Traveled many miles. Country side quite lovely. Feeling contented.
19 Jun 1995 Phil Morton

Char ???

Inner Grove Heights, MN Enjoyed being at the home of my ancestors and appreciate the hospitality of Brian Kiddy and his family.
[Son of Frances Lee (Olmsted) Morton (10535*)]
Happy to visit Olmstead Hall part of Phil’s roots. It’s very beautiful!
11 Oct 1995 Susan Cole
Francis Novelii
Laura Dean Bickall
San Diego, CA
Bethesda, MD
Missoula, MT
It was amazing to traverse the country roads and to see the sign for Olmstead Hall.
9 Nov 1995 Betty (Olmstead) Heilig Hilton Head, SC What a joy, finally, to see Olmstead Hall
4 Jan 1996 Brooke (Olmsted) Howe
with Paul Jonathan Martin
San Antonio, TX [Daughter of Jill (Olmsted) Howe and granddaughter of James Warren Olmsted]
22 Feb 1996 Kristen Park Ithaca, NY Wonderful hospitality. I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we. It is amazing to actually be able to find such roots! I enjoyed the chimneys especially.
24 Jun 1996 Patricia (Olmstead) Erickson

JoAn (Olmstead) Thompson

Carolyn (Olmstead ) Larson

Shirley (Olmstead) Nelson

Centerville, UT

Spanish Fork, UT

Kaysville, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

A dream come true to see this lovely spot I’ve read about and dreamed of seeing.
Thank you so much. It is a real treat to visit Olmstead Hall.
I have dreamed of visiting here. It is a dream come true.
This is truly a thrill to see the Olmstead Farm.
[SixthGreat-Granddaughters of Capt Jabez Olmsted]
10 Jul 1996 Olin Kent & Sharon Olmstead Winfield, KS [Great-grandson of Jeddiah Olmstead]
13 Jul 1996 Joshua Kendall Olmsted Lansing, MI Beautiful. Thank you for your generous hospitality.
19 Jul 1996 Harry Allen & Andrea (Olson) Faulknor Port Jefferson, NY Thanks to the Kiddy family for helping preserve the Olmstead family tradition.
An outstanding example of an early manor home in England.[Grandson of Nellie Olmstead]cousin of Betty Jean Olmstead Lacklin (see July 7, 1979) whose brothers Billy & Joe were members of the Olmstead family in Glen, NY
21 Aug 1996 Leota (Olmsted) Chichester with Cindy, Greg & Cory Skeates Scottsville, NY [Cousin of Betty Jean (Olmstead) MacLacklin who visited July 7, 1997]
21 Jan 1997 Susan (Olmsted) Kennedy Woodstock, GA At last, I got to see my roots
18 Jun 1997 Cherie (Olmsted) Kordik Irving, CA What a confirmation of family & tradition. Thanks to the Kiddys for their hospitality & loving care of this home.
22 Mar 1998 Diane (Olmstead) Ryan
Ellen Olmstead) Hoppe
Carol (Olmstead) Tims
Long Beach, CA
Acworth, GA
The Kiddy’s love & care of the home shows exciting for the three sisters from America to see their roots.
[Daughters of Allen MacConnell Olmstead]
27 May 1998 David & Susan Olmstead Bainbridge Island, WA Enjoyed seeing the “Olmstead Hall.” Beautiful place.
17 Jun 1998 Whitney S. Olmsted
Jonathan Olmsted
Santa Fe, NM
Darien, CT
Second visit for Jonathan; 1st for Whitney
18 Jul 1998 Marianna Hoover
Stephanie Hoover
West Plains, MO
Knoxville, TN
Second Visit. Thanks so much.
[Previous visit 3 Aug 1992]
First Visit
20 Oct 1998 Jean (Olmstead) & Charles Withington Saint Cloud, FL First visit
19 Jan 1999 Ardiane (Olmsted) & Lammer Galvin Fowler
Mary Emily Fowler
Bethesda, MD Wonderful to see the ancestral home of the Olmsteads, 45 years after first visiting here.
daughter of Ardiane Olmsted Fowler
26 Mar 1999 Shelley (Disten) & Rich Mattison Mukwonago, WI Finally have seen Olmstead Hall; beautiful site; so peaceful. First visit.
[Daughter of Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Olmsted]
29 Apr 1999 Vaunda (Miller) Olmsted Moses Lake, WA Can’t believe I finally made it.
[Daughter-in-law of Walter Clarence Olmsted]
26 May 1999 Kevin Michael & Samantha Olmsted with Michelle Louise Olmsted, Chris John Olmsted
Cynthia (Olmsted) Mayheu
Greenville, NY
Winston, MA
Came back to have a view with the children and wife.

[Kevin visited in Dec 1984]

15 Jul 1999 Roger & Joyce Olmsted Decatur, GA We visited Olmstead Hall with Colin and Greta Kiddy. The hall looked beautiful and “picture perfect.” We had a grand visit!
[Descendant of Richard Olmsted]
21 Jul 1999 Andrew Robert Sargaeta Kent, WA Son of Coral Olmsted and grandson of Robert Olmsted who were here in July 1980
21 Aug 1999 Gilarcia Wallace & John Chrisholm Koblbeam Duluth, MN We were thrilled to finally visit Olmstead Hall. It gave me a real sense of my roots.
24 Sep 1999 Barbara (Olmsted) & Bob Nelson Pebble Beach, CA I had heard of Olmsted Hall all my life. A special place for all of us Olmste(a)ds
10 May 2000 Brendon S. Olmstead
Leslie Olmstead
Loveland, CO A long awaited experience! Great thanks to the Kiddys for keeping this impressive load. Absolutely beautiful, peaceful!
What a gift to see! Thanks to the Kiddy family for the warm welcome
25 Jul 2000 Susan (Olmstead) Wold
Kathryn Jane Olmstead
Grand Rapids, MI
Caribou, ME
I have been looking forward to this ever since my sister, Kathryn Olmstead, and my father, Ralph P. Olmstead were here in 1979.
Such a thrill to bring my sister, Sue Wold, back to the place mother, Dad, and I discovered in 1979.
8 Jul 2002 Alica & Joe Felix Waltham, MA A very fascinating place to see where my ancestors lived.
18 Jul 2002 Roger Orley Olmsted and Roger Orley Olmsted, II Decatur, GA My second visit with Colin Kiddy to Bartlow Church whee Richard Holmsted married Francis Slaney, the daughter of the Vicar Rev Shaney in 1606. Lunch a Three Hills Restaurant.  Lovely day and friendly visit and tea with John & Vanda & Colin Kiddy.
4 Sep 2002 Lucretia (Olmsted) Rettig

with Peter Steuer

Tallahassee, FL My first visit in 1949 and often when at Cambridge in the 80s; my husband Clevland S. J. Rettig aned I would drive over. Always enjoy a visit.
I enjoyed the visit — very peaceful area. I’m traveling with Lucretia Olmstead Retting from America. God Bless you.
1 Aug 2003 Susan (Olmstead) Harmon LaGrange, IA This visit has fulfilled a dream to actually be in and visit Olmstead Hall. Thank you so much for your hospitality.
[Previously visited 25 April 1993]
19 Sep 2003 Jack & Stella Olmstead

Gordon Olmstead

Huntsville, Ontario

London, Ontario

The highlight of our tour of England.
Interesting part of England
29 Oct 2003 Douglas Allyn Olmsted Alexandria, VA This is a most interesting visit to the home of my roots after hearing for years about a p;lace called Olmsted Hall, it’s wonderful to see it. I had an idea that my family had branched in so many directions. This is Fascinating. Many thanks to my friend Mariah Gailiea for helping me find this place and Brian Kiddy for his hospitality.
[Son of Howard Stocker Olmsted, Jr.]
24 Aug 2004 Tera Lynn (Rainey) Schmidt
with Sky (daughter) and Hunter Schmidt (son)
Fountain Valley, CA This one house entry expresses exactly how I feel, as I grew up hearing about Olmsted Hall and am now passing on the tradition to my children. Thank you Brian Kiddy!
[Granddaughter of Margaret Olmsted; great niece of Dorothy Olmsted Cate (3694*) (signed guest book in July 1957); great niece of Glenn D. Olmsted (3691*) (signed this book in 1966]
8 Sep 2009 Audrey (Olmsted) Garnella Hemet, CA What a thrill to see your home and family estate. My father farmed 80 acres in Hermond, South Dakota and was born 1919, the year your grandfather came to this area. Thank you for being such a gracious host to my husband, Tom, and our friend, Jeff Sherwood.
[Daughter of Orton Olmstead; grand-daughter of Willis Olmstead who was a twin and one of siblings raised in/near Rapid City, South Dakota]
25 Oct 2005 Burton Lester Olmsted with Roberta (Mrs. Leo) Olmsted Loveland, CO Grandfather Richard to America 1632
16 May 2006 Alden John Olmsted La Marda, CA I came a long way to find what I was not sure was here — and now that I see it, it was all worth it.
12 Jul 2006 Danny, Sandy & Clinton King Yorktown, IN It’s wonderful to see the home and farm is being so well cared for. Thank you for your hospitality
22 Jul 2006 Dr. Martha Corbett Olmsted

Jessica and Hecher Sequra

Emaleah Heimer

Denver, CO

Santa Fe, NM

Cross Plains, WI

It is a real joy to be here. Thank you for preserving the history. We will share our experiences with the rest of our family.
It’s incredible to be in a place that has such historical significance for our family. Thanks so much to the Kiddys for their hospitality.
It was nice to get to see Olmsted Hall at such a young age (15). Hopefully I will be able to come again with my brothers.
20 Sep 2006 Carol (Olmsted) Warren
Lyle Nelson Warren
Waterloo, NY
Churchville, NY
Never thought this trip here from USA would ever happen but at age 85 I made it!
Thrilled to be with my mother.
23 Feb 2007 Carlton Gadner Waltway, Bamptor, Devon, England We were lost and then found Helias Bumstead
29 Jun 2007 Lorne J. & Ruby Olmstead Pine Lake, Alberta Glad to see the old home and enjoyed our visit with Brian.
30 Jul 2007 Roger Orley Olmsted

Gregory Kim Olmsted

Decatur, GA
Honolulu, HI
My third visit to the farm with Colin Olmstead Kiddy. Met Brian.
Today is my 50th birthday and my first visit to the farm.
11 Jan 2008 Kim Ogaua
Carol Olmsted
Renton, WA
Seattle, WA
Good ol’ English weather! Just like home!
Second visit — enjoyed so much
23 Feb 2008 Richard D. & Paula C. Olmstead
Kristen E. (Olmstead) & Joshua Paine with Georgia Paine
Syracuse, NY
London, England
Amazing to be here! We are so grateful for your wonderful hospitality and the beautaiful way you have maintained this Old Hall.
3 Mar 2009 Leslie Anne Meyer Seattle, WA Wonderful to sit in the kitchen where our ancestors lived. Thanks you for your hospitality!
9 Apr 2009 Stephen Paschall GIll Atherton, CA Fourth generation of visitors from Olmsted in America. Frederick Law Olmsted, FLO Jr, Charlotte Olmsted and her son Stephen Gill and his wife Margaret. Congratulations on a loving restoration.
21 Apr 2009 Nancy (Olmstead) Snd…
Janis Isobel Olmsted
Newport News, VA
Gaturenau, Quebec
Wonderful to see the homestead. Thank you for your hospitality.

Thank you for letting us see our ancestral home

21 Jun 2009 Kute Olmsted Kolosky with Nick & Justin Ballard, CA I’m feeling a little crooked. I love the fireplace.
This place is great
11 Apr 2010 Jessica Sequera Birmingham, England Back again and a beautiful day
[First visit was July 2006]
28 Aug 2010 Mark & Marilyn Curtis Olympia, WA Fulfilled a life’s dream to be here.
15 Apr 2010  Robert Chambliss & Cindy Olmstead  Columbus, OH A lovely home! Brian & Corine have done a lovely job moving the house to the 21st century!
8 Jun 2011  Thomas Olmstead  Granger, IA Two great, great people the Kiddys. Very hospitable for my German friend Matthias Ernst and me.
8 Mar 2012  Keith & Alexandra Olmstead  Russiaville, IN Wonderful to visit the homestead of the Olmstead name. Wonderful hospitality.
11 Mar 2012  Charles E. and Catherine (Fallon) Olmsted III
with Castillega Fallon Olmsted
 Greeley, CO Thank you for caring for the family home. It was so amazing to see the place my ancestors have come from.
[Ninth-great-grandson of James]
26 may 2012  Shirley (Olmsted) & Warren Nadeau  Bainbridge, Island, WA We are ever appreciative of your hospitality.
[Jabez descendant]
10 Sep 2012  Tom & Cass Olmstead  Tempe, AZ Loved the homestead. Gorgeous and the hospitality was amazing. Thank you for your care of our family home
11 Jun 2013  Laura Anne (Olmstead) & Thomas Howard Deloch  Midway, GA How beautiful to see my family homestead. The Kiddys were very pleasant. Very much appreciated.
10 Aug 2013  Peter David Olmsted Leeds, England Very nice to come back and visit after coming by 20 years ago! Thanks so much for showing us around!
4 Apr 2014  Joshua Ethan Olmstead  Irvine, CA Visiting friends in Rayne, had to visit Olmstead Hall. First time in UK
30 May 2014  Thomas Henry & Deborah Luann Olmstead  Ventura, CA This visit was the culmination of hopes for many years. Many thanks to Brian and Corine for being amazing hosts. The Olmstead Hall was everything I expected and much, much, more. We hope to visit again.
2 Jun 2014  Nancy (Olmsted) Crawford Hornley  Truro, MA Wonderful to be in this place.
[Tenth generation descendant from James Olmsted]
15 May 2015  Paul Michael Olmstead  Portland, ME We were blessed with meeting Brian Kiddy, the owner of Olmsted Hall. My father, John Travis Olmsted, would have loved to be here, as he first told me of the existence of this residence.
15 May 2015  Mark Olmsted  Edmunds, Suffolk, England Three generations of Olmsteads signing at once. We’re so thankful for your kindness and generosity. It’s a joy to trace our roots back this far!
19 Jun 2015 Barbara (Olmstead) & Frank Molnar with Maxwell and Colin Wilbur-by-the-Sea, FL Was visiting with my family in London and had to visit the ancestral home. The Kiddys are so hospitable! Thank you!
22 Jul 2015  Cathryn Louise (Olmsted) Gogolin  Vadnais Heights, MN Happy I found this piece of family history! Wonderful people here and wonderful that it’s well preserved
27 Oct 2015  Nad… Foster  Denville, NJ How nice to be able to visit this fine old hall associated with many of my ancestors
12 May 2017  Susan Olmsted Park  Maryville, TN I can’t believe I’m here! What a once in a lifetime experience!
17 Jun 2017  Kelly J. (Olmstead) Marker
with Anna Marker
 Rapid City, SD Wonderful to be here! Great piece of Family History

A wonderful home, very old history!

11 Mar 2018  Lindsey Warren Howe Parham
with Bo and Bradley Parham
 Austin, TX What a treat to visit! The Kiddys are so hospitable! We love seeing this book with so many notes and signatures from our family.
21 May 2019  Thomas H. Olmstead

Tara Danielle (Olmstead) & Alex Tounville

 Ventura, CA

Warner Robins, GA

Especially glad to return and bring my daughter and son-in-law. Thanks for making the visit possible, Brian and Corrine.

Thank you kindly you allowing us to visit our beloved ancestral home. I’m the daughter of Thomas Henry Olmstead (above) and having the opportunity to see this place is truly a dream come true. My husband and I hope to be able to visit [again] in the future.

18 Jun 2018  Judith Melott Newman
Delores Jame Rathburn
 Lake Charles, LA
DeRidder, LA
So glad to finally make it here. Mr. Kiddy is wonderfully, friendly. A visit wish come true.

Wonderful History

18 Jun 2018  Susan E. Olmsted  Cary, NC Such a wonderful place. You have cared for the old homestead so well. Thank you.
[Jabez line]

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