The Civil War Veterans page was published today is the direct link.

I started with a listing of 65 extracted by Bob Olmstead of Greenville, SC that he extracted from the 1912 Olmsted genealogy. I added to it with submission from others and a few that I had found. There are 79 in the listing. I believe there are many others to be identified. Particularly husbands of Olmste(a)d women and other direct descendants of Olmste(a)ds.

It was interesting to note than only half have been documented on Find-a-Grave. I had used that site to look for death dates for veterans who were living when the 1912 genealogy was published.

Other things noted were one in the Navy, one who died in Andersonville Prison, a father-son pair, a pair of brothers, three pair of first cousins three who were in Confederate forces, and two that had the same first & middle names but are not closely related.

Please provide information on others that should be added to this and other veteran pages. With the major wars now covered, I look at the smaller ones. I currently have two for the Mexican War, three for the Spanish War, and a scattering of others.