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Name Birth Date Death Date Notes WikiTree ID
Eldon Winfield Olmstead 19 Jan 1927 20 Jul 2014 m Dorothy Harper in Brooklyn, NY
Elias Olmsted 17 Jun 1830 Feb 1910 Sullivan Co., NY
 Elida Frances Olmstead  1880-1896  m Joel Blalock in Buchannan Co., MO
 Elijah Olmstead  1780-1800  m Sophia; res NY
 Eliphalt Olmstead  c.1780 bef. 1830  m Phebe; res NY  Olmstead-7650
 Eliza Olmstead  1807 – CT  1889 – CT  m. Lewis Burr  Olmsted-1491
 Elizabeth Olmsted  Benjamin Hoyt Keeper
 Elmer Chase Olmsted  Jun1855  Nov 1928  m Luella Alverson; res Morrow Co., OH
 Eloisa Olmstead  1800-1825  m James W. Breese
 Emaline Mariah Olmsterad  1815-1825  m Robert Homish
 Emma A. Olmstead  1860-1880  m Edwin Bradstrom in LeClede Co., MO  Olmstead-2714
 Emeline Olmstead  1830-1849  m Harry Marcer in Cole Co., MO
 Emmett Olmstead  1880-1895
 Eric Olmstead  1970-1985 son Kylar lived Missouri Olmstead-10236
 Ernest William Olmstead  1950-1970  m Tiffany Bambacigno Olmstead-2715
 Estelle C. Olmstead  1860-1880  m Elliott Cristie in Jackson Co., MO
 Esther Olmsted  1840-1865  m William Webley
 Esther Olmstead  1901 — CT
 Esther Ann Olmstead  Apr 1810 — NY  Jul 1885 — NY  m Enoch Marshall; res Chautauqua Co., NY
 Ethel Olmstead (male)  c1787 — NB  res Washington Co., ME
Ethel Grace Olmstead 1911 — Waterford, Ontario Dec 1093 — Brant, Ontario
 Eunice Ann Olmstead  1870-1895  m Joseph Walker; res ON

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