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How else to name this page?

In gathering records from many different sources I have accumulated thousands of extraneous records that have yet to be connected to a “family.” I am using the term family here to be the traditional husband, wife, and children. Additionally, I have a couple hundred multi-generational families that I cannot tie to any immigrant ancestor. What I will include here is the first person in those family trees that have two or more generations. As persons are identified to linking to their parent they will be removed from this listing. Not included are those listed on the Immigrant page.

The each chart include the person’s name, birth date and state, death date and state, and a short note which often includes the spouses name and where the individual or couple lived (res). When more than two generations are in my file it is noted. The WikiTree ID is given for those with profiles on that website.

I invite readers to help connect these persons. I welcome additional information about them and will gladly share what I have upon request.

The files are arranged by the Olmste(a)ds first name. Click on the appropriate box (letters are the first or first & second of the first name) below to jump to the appropriate page.

A Am-Az B C Ch Ci-Cz D Db-Dz E El-Ez F Fr-Fz
G Gi-Gz H He Hf-Hz I J Jm-Jz K L Li-Lz
M Me-Mz N O P Q (none) R Ri-Rn Ro-Rz
S Sm-Sz T U (none) V W Wi Wj-Wz X (none) Y (none) Z
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