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 Name  Birth Date  Death Date  Notes
 P. Olmsted  1835–NY  m Cornelia; 3 generations
 Palmer Olmstead  1835  7 Jan 1901  bur Virgil, Cortland Co., NY
 Patrick Cooper Olmstead  10 Feb 1882  17 Jan 1959–CA  m Rose Vasquez; 6 generations
 Paul Brian Olmstead  24 Dec 1957  m Debra Hammond
 Paul Howard Olmstead  13 Mar 1943–NY  m Joan Bogutzki
 Pearl Olmstead  31 Aug 1899–MO  m/1 Charles Taylor
m/2 Edward Olson
m/3 Lee Vineyard
 Perry Olmstead  c1830–NY  m Hannah —
 Peter D. Olmstead  c1826–NY  m Mary —
 Phoebe Olmstead  1922 — CT  m — Phillips

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