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Name Birth Date Death Date Notes WikiTree ID
 T. W. Olmstead  1860-1885  m Erina Squares in Stoddard Co., MO
 Terry Olmstead  1945-1960  m Deborah Desarmia
 Thomas Olmstead  c. 1806  1881  m Elizabeth Barber; Williams Co. OH Olmstead-9018
 Thomas Olmstead  Oct 1853–AL  m/1 Susan; m/2 Lina
 Thomas Allen Olmstead  m Jean Beuerlein
 Thomas J. Olmstead  1860-1885  m Eurina Squire (? dup to T.W. above) Olmstead-9586
Thomas Jason Olmstead 1819 1854 m Mary Hallock Olmstead-7989
 Thomas Jefferson Olmstead  1850-1870–AL/GA  bef 1927  m Malinda Bryrum; 7 generations
 Thomas Lloyd Olmsted  6 Jun 1959  m Malinda
 Tillie Olmstead  1900-1920  m Verdell Usrey
 Tim Olmstead  1957  m Karen
 Timothy Olmstead  1810-1820  m Maria Humphrey
 Timothy Olmstead  1840-1869  m Elmira Towne; 3 generations
 Timothy Olmstead  m Carrie Horton
 Troy Olmstead  c1970  m Deborah Cooke

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