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Name Birth Date Death Date Notes WikiTree ID
 Solomon Harris Olmstead  Aug 1865 — PA  Dec 1922 — WA  m Margaret Romanchych; res Stevens Co. WA
 Spencer H. Olmstead c. 1835 aft. 1863  Lt. Col. western New York
 Sonny Donald Olmstead  1935-1952  res Onslow Co., NC
 Stan Olmstead  1930-1940  m Betty Edens; res Cook Co., IL
 Stephen Olmstead  c1790  m Elizabeth Stigeler; res Lycoming Co., PA
 Stephen Olmsted  c1805 — NY  m Susannah; res Monroe Co., NY
 Stephen Olmsted  c1878  m Margaret Suttler in Pettis Co., MO
 Stephen Olmstead  m Mary; res Middlesex Co., CT
 Stephen Perry Olmstead  Oct 1803 — VT  Jul 1834 — MI  m Elizabeth Nichols; res Branch Co., MI
 Stephen S. Olmsted  1860-1880  m Beatrice Carpenter in Adair Co., MO
 Steven Gary Olmstead  m Melissa Binam
 Steven Richard Olmstead  1855-1975  m Lisa Roeser; res Pasquotank Co., NC
 Stewart Todd Olmstead 2 Nov 1972 7 Nov 1972  Wichita, Kansas Olmstead-6273

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