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 Harvey Olmsted 1929
lived Cayuga Co., NY

 Name  Birth Date  Death Date  Notes
 N. B. Olmstead  1850-1870  m Martha White
 Nadine Olmstead  1910-1920  m Rudolph Wagner
 Nancy E. Olmstead  m Joseph Hoffman
 Nancy Finch Olmstead  c1941  May 1982–NY Olmstead-2453
 Nathan Olmstead  c1840  m Charlotte Smith; 5 generations
 Nathaniel Olmsted  1801  m Elsa Terwilliger; Cayuga Co., NY Olmstead-3303
 Nathaniel Olmsted  4 Sep 1818  2 May 1871  m Mary Ann Clark; 4 generations Olmsted-997
 Nathaniel K. Olmstead  res Jackson Co., MO in 1932
 Nathaniel P. Olmstead  1840-1865  m Mary Kepler
 Nellie “Freelove” Olmstead  10 Nov 1873–IA  18 Aug 1912–CA  m Edwin Monroe; 3 generations
 Nelson H. Olmstead  1893–KS  m Fay Williams
 Nettie Olmstead  1850-1870  m Vera Renner
 Noble Olmstead  c1805  m Anna Edwards

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