The Arts

Olmste(a)d family members are found in all segments of the Arts. We have identified the ones below and welcome reports of others that should be added here. We will try to include a brief biography and sources/references for additional information. If a profile exists on where their genealogical connection is given it will also be included here.


Marla Olmstead, Binghamton — artist

Andrea Olmstead — musical historian, Boston, MA.

Clay Olmstead, artist.



Theater — Stage and Movies

Remington Olmstead. Actor, film 1940-1960s.

Nelson Olmsted, (1914-1982) film actor 1950s-60-70s; extensive bibliography —

Gertrude Sellers Olmsted (1904-1975) — silent screen star, 41 films from 1921-1929; married director Robert Leonard. Sandra Olmsted is working on a biography of Getrude.


Radio and Television

Matt Olmstead, Producer – filmography — writer/producer TV shows (primarily NYPD Blue and Blind Justice) 2001-2006.

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