Non-Combat Veterans 1865-1941

This is an attempt to identify all of the Olmste(a)ds, direct descendants of Olmste(a)ds, or their spouses that served in the military from the end of the Civil War (1865) to the beginning of World War II (December 1941). Veterans who served during the Spanish-American War and/or WW-I or who joined before Dec. 7, 1941 but continued serving during WW-II will not be duplicated in this list. If you know of a family member that should be listed here, or on any of our other veterans pages, please email us the relevant information.

Those that died while in the service, usually as a service related incident, are indicated by DIS.

To access their genealogical record on WikiTree, add the ID to URL, i.e., wikitree ID here). The WikiTree ID is the persons last name at birth followed by a hyphen and a number. If a Wiki profile has not yet been created, just WT will appear in the field in the table below. You are welcome to edit existing Wiki profiles or add new ones. Wiki profiles often contain photos and biographical information.

Find-a-Grave Memorials often include photos of cemetery monuments, personal photos, obituaries, and other information about an individual (including links to family members also on FAG) in addition to the cemetery name and location. To access a memorial on, write down the number and then on the right side of the Find-a-Grave home page click on “Search 162 Million Graves” and then insert the number in the field marked “Memorial #” leaving the other fields blank, and hit “search.” Start by clicking this link to Find-a-Grave. If we have not yet found a FAG for an individual, the field will be blank in the table below.

 Name OF #  Birth Date  Death Date  Service  WikiTree ID  FAG Number
Butler, Charles West 9612* 22 Jan 1857 10 Nov 1913 US Lighthouse Service Butler-20904 #27397106
Monroe, Samuel Fisk *s 18 Oct 1898 13 Feb 1949 QM Corps., US Army WT #
Olmstead, Albert Oliver, a/k/a Oliver A. Olmstead * 1916 20 Oct 1941 HQ Battery, 61st Coast Artillery Corps. (AA); DIS Olmstead-4220 #2882508 & #182811822
Olmstead, Earl Edward * 25 Mar 1904 1 May 1986 PFC US Army Olmstead-1691 #74293752
Olmstead, Edward Henry * 20 Dec 1899 27 Jan 1920 Guard Unit #2 (following WW-I) Olmstead-5370 #166418742
Olmstead, Freeman Ebenezer 5141 13 Apr 1836 12 Aug 1912 Capt. 10th US Infantry Olmstead-6109 #3537849
Olmsted, Lawrence Russell * 29 Apr 1910 21 Apr 1936, DIS 2nd Lt, US Army Air Service Olmsted-3808 #18386178
Salisbury, Lucius Albert 2956 1 Jan 1882 6 Nov 1970 102nd Medical, NY Nat’l Guard Salisbury-1633 #18926256

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