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Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
Indian Wars (1775-1898) including King Philip’s War (1675-1678), French & Indian War (1754-1763), “First” Indian War (1812-1815), Black Hawk War (1832), Western US Indian Wars (1865-1890), and Peace time & Non-Combat Veterans (1735-1860)
War of 1812 (1812-1815)
Mexician War (1846-1848)
Civil War a/k/a “War Between the States” with family name Olmste(a)d (1861-1865)
Civil War with family name other than Olmstead, Olmsted, or Omstead
Spanish-American War (1898-1907) including Cuba (1898-1899) and Philippines (1899-1902)
World War I (1917-1918)
World War I with family name other than Olmstead, Olmsted, or Omstead
Veterans (1865-1941), excluding those serving in the Spanish-American War and World War I
World War II (1941-1945)
World War II with family name other than Olmstead, Olmsted, or Omstead
The Cold War (1945-1995)
Korean War (1950-1953)
Korean War with family name other than Olmstead, Olmsted, or Omstead
Vietnam War (1956-1975)
Recent Military Actions (1995-present)
Recent Military Actions Non-Combat (1995-present)

There are overlaps in coverage, particularly since World War II. We are attempting to identify all who served since 1900. At this time we have a gap for “non-war” periods from 1900-1941 which will be filled as we begin to have names for that period.

I began with my old (created 2008) web page — At this time, this is just a series of notes on what could be on this page; some of which have been expanded as the beginning of real information. A listing of all veterans, particularly those from World War II could be extensive and might not serve any purpose. Included will be both the Union & Confederate veterans for the US Civil War and American and Canadian veterans for WW-II, WW-II and other actions since 1945.

It will take time to comb my files for this information as it is not indexed. Please feel free to assist by providing individual names, extracted lists, etc. Please provide your source so that we may properly credit.

These lists are provided as a clue for membership in organizations such as the DAR; additional verification of service will be needed by those organizations. DAR includes those men and women in public office during the RevWar period as qualifying for membership; that should be a supplemental list. I will add patriot information & ID number from DAR, SAR, or other similar societies if that is allowed and as is made available to each individual’s profile page on WikiTree.

List for each war KIA, MIA, POW as that information becomes available.

Military cemetery burials. Currently, I have listed 344 burials in the cemeteries in the  Department of Veterans Affairs listings. A future, but almost impossible, project maybe a separate listing of community, private, & family cemeteries

Men and women currently in military service — give special emphasis to those in current battle zones (Iraq and Afghanistan). How do we find these? Many would be reservists.

Some war listings are expanded to sub-pages as the listings became extensive or with more detailed information

American Wars

For a comprehensive listing of all US military involvements, go to http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/uswars.htm.

Participant and death statistics for some wars taken from “War Casualties–The Cost of Freedom” from the office of NYS Senator Patricia McGee, 2004.

King Phillips War

Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

Estimated 290,000 participants and 4,000 deaths.

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Benjamin Olmsted (1751-1832). Enlisted May 1775 under Capt. George Pitkin of Col. Spencer’s regiment; marched to Roxbury and siege of Boston until Dec. 1775. [191*, p.35]

Daniel Olmsted (1731-1812). Corporal; of Simsbury; two sons also served in the Army. [119*, p.27]

Elijah Olmsted (1743-). Lieutenant. [182*, p.33]

Gideon Olmsted (c1748-1845). Capt. with East Hartford Company at relief of Boston, April 1775. Six other Olmsted men in his company. Later commanded privateers. See his journal. [190*, p.34]

John Olmsted (1750-1838). Pensioner. Extensive bio available. [162*, p.31]

Oliver Olmsted (1756-1814).  In 1775 with Capt. Thorp at Roxbury for two months during siege of Boston. Jan 1777 was private in John Wylly’s Co, Capt. Thorp’s regiment for two months at New London, CT. He was Captain or conductor of teams for some four years, to late in 1781, including twelve from Lebanon, CT that accompanied the French army to Yorktown and was at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis and stayed through the winter. [147*, p.30]

Roswell Olmsted (1734-1800). [121*, pg.28]

Samuel Olmsted (1737-). Captain; was Ensign in Capt. Kellogg’s Co., 17th Regiment of Conn. [134*, p.29]

Stephen Olmsted (1759-1832). [167*, p.33]

Levi Watson (1760-1842). At Danbury when town was burned by the British; later served in the CT Legislature. Husband of Lucy Olmsted; son-in-law of Roswell (121*). [333*, p.28]

George Woodbridge (c1758-). Soldier in the Revolution. Son of Samuel & Martha (Olmsted) Woodbridge. [302*, p.27]

Indian Wars (1775-1890)

War of 1812 (1812-1815)

Estimated 287,000 participants and 2,000 deaths.

Ephrim Gregory (*) — Pvt. in Col. R.C. Canfield’s regt., CT Militia
Nathan Olmstead (4303*) — Battle of Plattsburg

John Reynolds (1771-1821). Captain with his company at New London, CT. Husband of Esther Olmsted; son-in-law of Samuel. [289*, p.26]

Mexican War (1846-1848)

Estimated 79,000 participants and 13,000 deaths

Civil War (1861-1865)

Union: estimated 2,213,000 participants; 364,000 deaths.
Confederate: estimated 1,000,000 participants; 133,821 deaths.

Please help us by providing information on your Civil War ancestors.

Go to the Civil War Olmste(a)d Veterans page with more extensive lists. For spouses of Olmste(a)ds or direct descendants of an Olmste(a)d with another surname, click here.

Killed in Action

Robert Lockerby Olmstead, of Chemung Co., NY, was mortally wounded in the Battle of Pleasant Hill, LA.
Charles Goodrich Olmsted, of Evnasville, IN, died in the battle of Perryville, KY.

Died from wounds received on the battlefield

James Pixlee Olmsted, of San Francisco, CA died while stationed at Fort Yuma, CA.
John C. Olmstead of Shabbana, DeKalb Co., IL died in the hospital at Vicksburg, MS.
Charles Freeman Olmsted of Dresbach, MN died in Memphis, TN.
Philo Olmsted of Elbridge, Onondaga Co., NY. Wounded in the battle of Cold Harbor (near Richmond, VA) and died at Fort Slocum on David’s Island, NY

Prisoner-of-War (POW)

Col. Charles Hart Olmstead, CSA, Commander of who surrendered Fort Pulaski (Savannah, GA), was in prison in the north, exchanged, and rejoined to command Confederate forces in north Georgia.

Franklin Olmsted, who was from LeRoy, NY, died while in prison at Andersonville, GA.

Henry H. Olmstead, who was from New York state, died while in prison at Andersonville, GA.

Spanish-American War (1898-1902)

Estimated: 392,000 participants; 11,000 deaths.

World War I (1917-1918)

Official period: 6 April 1917 to 11 November 1918. 4,744,000 participants; 53,402 battle deaths and 63,114 other deaths; 204,002 wounded; 4120 prisoners of war; and 3,350 missing in action.

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Killed in Action
Arthur F. Olmsted; Sgt. 102nd Signal Bn, 27th Division. Died Sept. 1918.
Carl P. Olmsted, Killed in Action August 16, 1918.
Livingston Wadsworth, Geneseo, NY; Aviation Corps. Killed in service in France, August, 1919.

World War II (1940-1947)

Official period was 16 September 1940 – 25 July 1947. There were 16,535,000 participants; 291,557 battle deaths and 113,842 other deaths; 670,846 wounded; 130,201 prisoners of war; and 78,773 missing in action.

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Special honor is noted for those Killed in Action (KIA) or Missing in Action (MIA): Bernard Hugh Olmstead, Clifford Anicel Olmstead, Frank H. Olmstead, Harlan William Olmstead, Jesse Nathaniel Olmstead, Joseph Harold Olmstead, James Newton Olmsted, Robert A. Olmsted, Sherman Paul Olmsted,  and Stanley R. Omstead

Korean Conflict (1950-1953)

Official period was 27 June 1950 – 31 January 1955. There were 6,807,000 participants; 33,643 battle deaths and 20,617 other deaths; 103,284 wounded; 7,140 prisoners of war; and 8,177 missing in action.

Killed in Action — from National Archives list of Killed in Action

Don Ellsworth Olmstead, of Hartford, CT, 2nd Lt., 27th Infantry, US Army National Guard; b. 1929, d. 27 Nov 1952. KIA.

“Cold War” (1945-1995)

This was not a declared war but a period of casual engagement with Soviet Block countries.

Capt. Freeman Bruce Olmstead (1935-) of Elmira, NY aboard an RB-47 reconnaissance aircraft, was shot down over the Barents Sea north of Murmansk, Siberia, on 1 July 1960. He was held as a prisoner in a Moscow jail for over six months.

Vietnam Conflict (1956-1975)

Official period was 5 August 1964 – 7 May 1975. There were 9,200,000 participants; 47,383 hostile deaths; 10,753 non-hostile deaths; 303,635 wounded; 766 prisoners of war; and 2,338 missing in action.

Names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Washington, DC

Dale Frank Olmstead, of Hoyt Lakes, MN; Sgt. US Army, 11th Light Infantry Brigade.
b. 12 Aug 1999, d. 21 Oct 1969, a hostile ground casualty.
John Paul Olmstead, of Warren, IL; Sgt. US Army, 196th Light Infantry Brigade.
b. 10 May 1946, d. 15 Jul 1967, a hostile ground casualty.
Robin Lee Olmstead, of Poulsboro, WA; PFC US Marine Corps.
b. 11 Sep 1948, d. 29 Jul 1967, a non-hostile ground casualty.
Stanley Edward Olmstead, of Marshall, OK, Cdr. US Navy, fixed wing pilot.
b. 12 Nov 1933, d. 6 Apr 1973, air loss, crash on land, MIA.
Gerald Ray Olmsted, of Camas, WA, Cpl. US Army, 4th Infantry,
b. 6 Aug 1947, d. 10 Jan 1969, a non-hostile ground casualty.
Jerome Edwin Olmsted, of Clintonville, WI, 1st Lt., US Army,
b, 15 May 1943, d. 30 Nov 1967, fixed wing air crash on land, non-crew.

Persian Gulf (1900-1991)

Official period is 2 August 1990 – April 1991; 537,000 participants; 400 battle dead.

Second Persian Gulf (2001-????)

Operation Enduring Freedom — Afghanistan
7 October 2001 – present

Operation Desert Freedom — Iraq
19 March 2003 – present

Major Andrew J. Olmsted, of Colorado Springs, CO, b. 1 Feb 1970, d. 3 Jan 2008, forward operating base Caldwell, Iraq, while going to the aid of his friend, Capt. Thomas Casey.

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