Veterans of the “Cold War” — 1945-1995

This is an attempt to identify all of the Olmste(a)ds, direct descendants of Olmste(a)ds, or their spouses that served in the military during the period known as the “Cold War” (1945-1995). This will include all men and women who served in the military post World War II. As this overlaps the Vietnam War era, those that served at that time will be included on the Vietnam page but not on this one. As a tribute to others who have served since 1995, we will list them on another page on this website. If you know of a family member that should be listed here or on other pages, please email us the relevant information.

To access their genealogical record on WikiTree, add the ID to URL, i.e., wikitree ID here). The WikiTree ID is the persons last name at birth followed by a hyphen and a number. If a Wiki profile has not yet been created, just WT will appear in the field in the chart below. You are welcome to edit existing Wiki profiles or add new ones. Wiki profiles often contain photos and biographical information.

Find-a-Grave Memorials often include photos of cemetery monuments, personal photos, obituaries, and other information about an individual (including links to family members also on FAG) in addition to the cemetery name and location. To access a memorial on, write down the number and then on the right side of the Find-a-Grave home page click on “Search 162 Million Graves” and then insert the number in the field marked “Memorial #” leaving the other fields blank, and hit “search.” Start by clicking this link to Find-a-Grave. If we have not yet found a FAG for an individual, just the # will appear in the chart below.

 Name  Birth Date  Death Date  Service  WikiTree ID  FAG Number
Antozzi, William Olmsted 19 Jun 1912 22 Oct 1998 Col., US Army Antozzi-2 #183790839
Bartlett, Thayer E. 21 Mar 1916 Lt. Col., US Air Force Bartlett-9304
Carter, Richard Allen 28 Dec 1942 8 Oct 2005 Sgt., US Army Carter-31097
Cartwright, Robert John 5 Dec 1951 Oct 2005 US Army Cartwright-1435 #131242465
Fenno, Raymond 23 May 1931 15 Jul 2018 LT US Navy Fenno-201 #191470995
Gauger, G. Craig 9 Apr 1957 MSgt USAF Gauger-92
Olmsted, Alfred “Danny Dee” 29 Nov 1949 7 Sep 2010 US Air Force Olmstead-7550 #58422416
Olmstead, Freeman Bruce 17 Jun 1935 14 Oct 2016 Col. USAF WT #171441257
Olmstead, Gerald 15 Jun 1941 23 Jan 2021 US Navy Olmstead-6627
Olmstead, Gerald Arthur, Jr. 25 Dec 1962 6 Dec 2014 US Navy Olmstead-4262 #144492250
Olmstead, Lawrence Elmer 21 May 1934 SMSgtUS Air Force Olmstead-7146 #190603853
Olmstead, Richard Cory 24 Dec 1955 21 Feb 1998 US Army Olmstead-6106 #126706610
Olmstead, Thomas W. 11 Feb 1948 Col. USAF  Olmstead-6294
Olmsted, David Mador 16 Jan 1941 15 Dec 2015 US Army Olmsted-568 #
Olmsted, Donald Duane 5 Sep 1942 9 Jun 2016 US Army Olmsted-3778 #164499204
Olmsted, Joan 2 Jun 1921 15 Aug 1994 Lt. Col. US Army Olmsted-3590 #107328321
Olmsted, Judith Lorraine (Hinds) 3 Sep 1941 7 Jul 2020 Air Guard Medical Corp. Hinds-1971 #212868577
Olmsted, Philip Robert 31 Oct 1943 Capt., US Army Olmsted-560
Olmsted, Victor Hugo 27 Dec 1910 9 Oct 1957 CWO 4, USA Air Corps Olmsted-1067 #131620299
Salisbury, Joseph Duryee 20 Mar 1927 24 Dec 1989 US Army Salisbury-1567 #18926294
Welch, LeRoy, III 1952 2003 M/Sgt US Air Force Welch-8603

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