Patriots of the War of 1812

This is an attempt to identify all of the Olmste(a)ds, direct descendants of Olmste(a)ds, or their spouses that served in the military (or other service as defined by the National Society of Daughters of 1812) during the period 1812-1815. If you know of a family member that should be listed here, please email us the relevant information.

The Olmsteads & Olmsteds are listed is in first name first order as the family name was often switched back and forth in records and it is sometimes impossible to prove how a family members used it. Those family members listed in the 1912 “Olmsted Family in America” will have their assigned number shown; other descendants not in the 1912 volume will have an * in the column; if there is an “s” after the number or the * it indicates the person is the husband of the Olmste(a)d. Descendants or spouses with another family name follow the Olmste(a)ds.

To access their genealogical record on WikiTree, add the ID to URL, i.e., wikitree ID here). The WikiTree ID is the persons last name at birth followed by a hyphen and a number. If a Wiki profile has not yet been created, just WT will appear in the field in the table below. You are welcome to edit existing Wiki profiles or add new ones. Wiki profiles often contain photos and biographical information.

Find-a-Grave Memorials often include photos of cemetery monuments, personal photos, obituaries, and other information about an individual (including links to family members also on FAG) in addition to the cemetery name and location. To access a memorial on, write down the number and then on the right side of the Find-a-Grave home page click on “Search 162 Million Graves” and then insert the number in the field marked “Memorial #” leaving the other fields blank, and hit “search.” Start by clicking this link to Find-a-Grave. If we have not yet found a FAG for an individual, just the # will appear in the table below.

 Name OF #  Birth Date  Death Date  Service  WikiTree ID  FAG Number
 Alden Olmstead 4800 25 Aug 1784 6 Mar 1815 DIS   Olmstead-5004  #
 Ashbel Olmsted 144 18 Dec 1750 24 Dec 1832 Olmsted-194 #52248772
 David Olmstead 9215 28 May 1794 4 May 1842 Olmstead-4858 #
 Ichabod Olmsted 62 12 Sep 1725 6 Nov 1799  Town Surveyor & Fence Viewer  Olmsted-691  #40847916
 James Olmstead 767 13 May 1785 31 Mar 1872  WT  #46098038
 Jared Olmstead 4451 14 Feb 1793 21 Mar 1882 Olmsted-26  #
 John Olmsted 10060 3 Mar 1793 15 Dec 1852 Olmsted-368 #
 Jonathan Olmsted 482 Sep 1779 c.1813, DIS Olmsted-1747
 Jonathan Olmstead  * c. 1784 aft 1845 Olmstead-176 #
 Nathan Olmstead 4303 c.1776 18 Sep 1855 Battle of Plattsburgh Olmstead-279 #
 Perseus Olmsted 612 27 Sep 1787 29 Dec 1863 Capt. Wolcott’s Co. Olmsted-2880 #39249833
 Russell Olmstead 4431 8 Dec 1779 20 Aug 1884 5th Lincoln Militia Olmstead-2417 #
 Stephen Olmsted 4593 12 May 1783 2 Jan 1876 13th Reg’t, Col. Farrington WT #40383185
Stephen Olmsted * 10 Dec 1794 5 Apr 1884 Vermont Militia Olmsted-2193 #71434713
 Thomas Olmstead 4350 9 Aug 1792 3 Oct 1874 Olmstead-3917 #99337339
 William Belden Olmstead 4283 bef Jul 1783 bef 1817 WT #
 Zachariah Olmstead * Apr 1791 Sep 1874 WT #
Rowley, Jirah 4448s 11 Nov 1777 15 Dec 1844 Capt. Rowley-2701 #64111579
 Granby, Asa 9214s  22 Nov 1812  Battle of French Mills – DIS  Granby-19 #

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