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 Name  Birth Date  Death Date  Notes WikiTree ID
 Obiadiah Olmsted  1850-1885  1912* p423 Olmstead-1780
 Olaf Olmstead  c1874  1920 census, Plymouth, WI
 Ole Olmstead  Mar 1879–IA  1900 census, Spring Valley, IA
 Oliva Olmsted  c1894  May 1897– MO  St Louis, MO
 Oliver Olmstead  c1833-NY  1880 census, Jackson, MI
 Oliver Olmstead  c1894  May 1897–MO  St Louis, MO
 Onie Olmstead  1850-1880  m L G Smith in Hickory Co., MO
 Opal Olmstead  1880-1910  m William Booth
 Orian Olmstead  1904  1967–WI  m Marion Fitzpatrick
 Orpha Olmstead  1805  m Salter Pulman  Olmsted-262
 Orson Olmsted  1955 — NY  m Elizabeth Brown  Olmsted-5114

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