NOTE: This page under construction — no photos have been posted. We have received a collection of photos from Carl Hommel relating to Jabez Olmsted but have not identified each image. Decisions are still being made on how to arrange and index the photos as we anticipate this collection could become quite extensive.

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Olmste(a)d Photo Library

Introduction and Submission Information

It is important to preserve and share images of our ancestors.

On this site we will post images of Olmste(a)ds and direct descendants–individuals, couples, and family groups. We will not post infants or young children.

Public memorials, plaques, monuments, etc. will be included in a special section.

Cemetery headstones and monuments should be posted on the appropriate memorials on Find-a-Grave.

We will appreciate the following information for each photo:
     Full name(s) of those in the photo (John & Jane Olmstead) or the name of the group (John Olmstead family gathering)
     Lineage — 3 or 4 generations if possible
     Date taken and Source or who has the original
     Submitted by: Name, address, email, date

Submit by email to: [email protected]

How to cite source and download a copy to your file or Internet site

Index of photos and images currently available