Disconnected – Olmste(a)ds by another name

Usually when a person carries a “family name” as a first of middle “given name” there is some direct relative, often within the first two generations such as a mother’s maiden name. We have not discovered such a link for the persons listed below.

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Name Birth Date Death Date Notes WikiTree ID
 Olmstead Flint  c1818  m Harriet  Flint-1223
 Olmstead Adam French  1840-1873  m Ida Margaret Brown  French-4867
 Henry Olmstead Fry  19 Sep 1916–DE  4 Aug 1991–FL  4 generations  Fry-7396
 Barbara Olmstead Hall  1950-1975  m Kenny Sikes  Hall-52941
 Olmstead Hall  14 Jun 1864–FL  bur Key West  Hall-52964
 Charles Olmstead Parker  1830-1850  m/1 Sallie Cowan; m/2 Jennie Peacock  Parker-40743
 Olmstead Delevan Quick  22 Jul 1811–NY  4 Sep 1899–NY  m Geneveret Delano/Potter  Quick-3781

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