Jabez Olmsted of Ware, Massachusetts

Jabez is the progenitor of the third largest group of Olmste(a)ds. There have been numerous attempts over the years to connect him with the Olmsteads of Essex, England without success.

Jabez first appears in the frontier community of Deerfield on the Connecticut River in 1709. He first settled in Brookfield, MA in 1712, when he married Thankful Barnes, daughter of Thomas. He removed to Ware, MA, in 1729. He played an important part in the French and Indian Wars, first in Queen Anne’s War, and culminated his military career at the capture of the French Canadian Fortress of Louisburg in 1745, where he served as a Captain in the Colonial Army.

As the family expands, descendants tended to move north into Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire and New York. This pattern continues as the family continues to move northwest into northern New York and adjacent Canada following the normal westward migration as the general population expands into Ontario, northern Michigan, and Wisconsin as they are opened for settlement. By the end of the 1800s I believe that the majority of Olmste(a)ds in those areas are of the Jabez line.

Jabez Olmsted Study Group

An active study group was formed by Carl Hommel, Joe Barber, and Doreen Dolleman. Carl’s Jabez of Ware Newsletter was first issued the fall of 1997 and appeared on a semi-annual basis for seventeen year. Each issue included a short column by Carl or Joe and an in-depth research report by Doreen. The Olmste(a)d Family Association thanks Carl for the transfer of his website and newsletter to preserve it for future researchers.

Confusion on Jabez’ grandson’s wives, the Cooley sisters

There has been, and will continue for many years, confusion over the first three generations of the Captain Jabez Olmsted’s family. Dave Mason created a chart as a help to other descendants who are confused over the wives of two of Capt. Jabez’s grandsons, Israel and Gideon who married Cooley sisters, Elizabeth and Abigail. Click here to view the chart.

Jabez Olmstead DNA Project

An occurrence of a “casual adoption” has always been considered when the marriage date of Capt. Jabez’s son Jeremiah to Elizabeth Litten was compared to their son Jabez, named for the grandfather. In connection with the establishment of the Olmstead Y-DNA Project at Family Tree DNA in 2003, special attention was placed on those testing who trace their ancestry back to Capt. Jabez and it was determined that there were two distinct “blood lines.” The results are summarized in an update report by project member Robert Olmstead that can be viewed by clicking Jabez Olmstead DNA Project.

Jabez of Ware Newsletter

PDFs of the 34 issues can be seen by following the links below. Genealogical citation should be “[name of article] by [author] in Jabez of Ware Newsletter Vol. # No. # at www.jabezolmsted.com.”

Vol. 1 #1 – September 1997
Joe Barber’s Column; Excerpts from History of Ware; Excerpts from History of North Brookfield; Excerpts from Vital Records of Ware; Other Jabez Olmsteds; Olmsted Quiz; Plat of Ware; Early Olmsted Deeds

Vol. 1 #2 – March 1998
Introduction; Excerpt from History of Ware; The Deerfield Scout; Excerpts from Vital Records of Ware; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; West Strockbridge and The Gore; Plat of Alfred, Massachusetts; Query; Inventory of Jabez’s Estate

Vol. 2 #1 – October 1998
Introduction; Final Excerpt from History of Ware; Final Episode of The Deerfield Scout; Excerpts from Vital Records of Ware and West Stockbridge; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; Plat of Alfred, Massachusetts; A Visit to Bath, Ohio; Queries; Quiz

Vol. 2 #2 – Apr 1999
Joe Barber’s Column; Thomas Barnes of Brookfield; Capt. Jabez’s Last Will and Testament; Queries; Editorial; Quiz; Capt. Jabez Workshop at Chautauqua; Genealogy of the Barnes Family from Thomas to Thankful, 1637-1712; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; Gideon Olmstead arrival in Ontario, Canada; William Cooper Parent

Vol. 3 #1 – October 1999
Joe Barber’s column; New Officers of the Olmste(a)d Family Association (OFA); Ancestry of Thankful Barnes; Genealogy of the Olmsted Family in America; Queries; Vital Records of Brookfield; Genealogy of the Barnes Family; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; Olmstead’s arrival in Ontario, Canada; Olmsted Signatures

Vol. 3 #2 – May 2000
Joe Barber‘s Column; Thankful Barnes’s Ancestors in Sudbury, MA; Genealogy of the Olmsted Family in America; In Memoriam; Was Capt. Jabez an Umstead?; Vital Records of Hatfield, MA; Queries; Doreen Dolleman‘s Research

Vol. 4 #1 – November 2000
Joe Barber’s column; Doreen Dollman’s Research; Captain Jabez’s Signature; Early Records of the Ware River Parish; The Spelling of the Family Name; Captain Jabez’s Grandchildren in the Revolutionary War

Vol. 4 #2 – May 2001
Joe Barber’s column; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; Moses Olmsted settles in Pittsford, Vermont; Death of Jabez Olmstead of Pittsford, Vermont; Monument in Pittsford, Vermont; Subscriber Ancestry Chart; Capt. Jabez and his Family in the French and Indian Wars; Captain Jabez’s Grandchildren in the Revolutionary War

Vol. 5 #1 – November 2001
Joe Barber’s Column; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; Jacob Omstead by Danean Mitchell; Descendants of Cynthia Olmsted Eglan by Betty Lou (Olmsted) Panzer; Olmsted Clock; Pedigree of Subscribers

Vol. 5 #2 – May 2002
Joe Barber’s Column; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; Ariel Lionel Crowley; Wheatley Omsteads; Wheatley Omstead Fisheries; Jabez Workshop; Gleanings from the Clintonville Herald; Historic Sites Map of Greater Brookfield

Vol. 6 #1 – November 2002
Joe Barber’s Column; Doreen Dolleman’s Research — Job Olmsted of Michigan; Jabez Workshop; A Theory to Identify Joseph Haskins’ Wife; Jabez Descendants at the Battle of Saratoga?; Dubuque County, Iowa Vital Records—Marriages; Queries from Joe Barber

Vol. 6 #2 – May 2003
Joe Barber’s Column; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; Olmste(a)d Family DNA Testing; Jabez Workshop; Richard Olmstead and Elizabeth Durkee by Bill Samland; Olmste(a)d Family Association Reunion; The Library and Archives of Canada (LAC)

Vol. 7 #1 – November 2003
Joe Barber’s Column; New Officers of OFA; Doreen Dolleman’s Research; More on Jedediah Olmsted; The Stockbridge Indians; The Olmsteads of South Hull; Richard Olmstead and Elizabeth Durkee (continued) by Bill Samland

Vol. 7 #2 – April 2004
Joe Barber’s Column; Elizabeth Olmstead Bullis, by Doreen Dolleman; Apology to Sue Olmsted; Descendants of Moses Olmsted by Mary Helen Herman; The Olmsteds of South Hull (concluded) by Keith W. MacEnnan; Richard Olmstead and Elizabeth Durkee (concluded) by Bill Samland; John and Sarah Post in Early Ware by Doreen Dolleman; Olmsted/Olmstead DNA Surname Study

Vol. 7 #3 – April 2004
Olmsted/Olmstead DNA Surname Study report by Barbara Taylor

Vol. 8 #1 – November 2004
Joe Barber’s Column; Gideon Olmste(a)d by Joe Barber; Jeremiah Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; Elizabeth (Olmsted) Bullis Additions and Corrections by Doreen Dolleman; The Geographical Evolution of Present Day Washington County, NY by Lealie B. Potter; What Will Genetic Genealogy Do For Our Research by Barbara Taylor; Apology to Sue Olmsted followup; Aaron Olmsted Jr. Family Photos by Doreen Dolleman; The Olmsteds of South Hull (concluded) by Keith W. MacLennan

Vol. 8 #2 – May 2005
Joe Barber’s Column; Samuel Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; Gidean Olmste(a)d (part 2) by Joe Barber; Recent Olmste(a)d DNA Results, by Carl Hommel; Monument in Monroe, Vermont; Peter Doremus Eglin and Cynthis Olmstead Eglin

Vol. 9 #1 – October 2005
Joe Barber’s Column; Thomas Hicks Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; Peter Doremus Eglin and Cynthis (Olmstead) Eglin by Robert Moore (continued); Abigail Olmstead of Hebron, New York and Troy, Pennsylvania by Susan (Goss) Johnston

Vol. 9 #2 – April 2006
Joe Barber’s Column; Harriet Burnell Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; Genealogical Codicil by Joe Barber; Hiram Olmsted, Sr. by Doreen Dolleman; Job Olmsted of Michigan, Update by Doreen Dolleman; Abigail Olmstead of Hebron, New York, and Troy, Pennsylvania (part 2) by Susan (Goss) Johnston; Peter Doremus Eglin and Cynthis (Olmstead) Eglin by Robert Moore (concluded); Map of Spafford, Onondaga Co., NY by Carl Hommel

Vol. 10 #1 – November 2006
Joe Barber’s Column; Israel Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; Albert and Annie Olmstead by Joe Barber; Olmste(a)d DNA Surname Project, by Barbara Taylor; Olmste(a)d Family Association 2007 Reunion; Jeremiah Olmsted of Hope and Spafford, NY by Carl Hommel

Vol. 10 #2 – April 2007
Joe Barber’s Column; Israel Olmstead (part 2) by Doreen Dolleman; Jeremiah Olmsted of Hope and Spafford, NY (part 2) by Carl Hommel; Susannah (Olmstead) Humphrey of St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Vol. 11 #1 – November 2007 [Note: issue was mislabeled V.12 Nov. 2008]
Joe Barber’s Column; Israel Olmstead (part 3) by Doreen Dolleman; Seed/Olmstead Diamond Jubilee; Mr. and Mrs. Abram Olmsted Observe Diamond Wedding Anniversary; Marguerite Lillian Olmstead and Frederick Earl McNeil by Doreen Dolleman; Chippewa County Michigan Olmsted/Olmstead Vital Records; Hommel Golden Wedding Anniversary

Vol. 11 #2 – April 2009
Joe Barber’s Column; Our New Website; Israel Olmstead (part 4) by Doreen Dolleman; Announcing a New Olmste(a)d Internet Site; William Curtis Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; Jabez Cousins at New Brunswick; 1912 Olmsted Genealogy Now Available on CD

Vol. 12 #1 – November 2008
Joe Barber’s Column; Phineas Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; The Prayer of Jabez by Joe Barber; William Curtis Olmsted–The Rest of the Story by Doreen Dolleman; Pictures of William Curtis Olmsted Family

Vol. 12 #2 – April 2009
Joe Barber’s Column; Olmsted Updates by Doreen Dolleman; My Career as a Snowbird by Carl Steff; Blanche Olmstead and Anson Asbury Goodson by Doreen Dolleman; 2010 Olmste(a)d Family Reunion; John Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman

Vol. 13 #1 – November 2009
Israel Olmsted part 5 by Doreen Dolleman; Murray Albert “Bert” Olmstead, Hockey Great; Olmsted/Olmstead DNA Report by Bob Olmstead; Gravestone of Judah and Hannah (Olmsted) Marsh; Bill Daykin’s story and obituary

Vol. 13 #2 – April 2010
Descendants of Edwin Luther Olmestead by Bob Olmstead; Andrew Jackson Olmsted by Andy Olmsted; Joshua Olmstead by Raymond Eugene Olmstead

Vol. 14 #1 – September 2010
Joe Barber’s Column; Jabez Olmstead, Son of Moses (part 1) by Doreen Dolleman; Journey to the Olmstead Ranch by Dorothy (Green) Johnson; Descendants of Edwin Luther OLMSTEAD (conclusion) by Bob Olmstead; Joshua Olmstead (conclusion) by Raymond Eugene Olmstead

Vol. 14 #2 – May 2011
Jabez Olmstead, son of Moses (part 2) by Doreen Dolleman; A Rising Star by Joe Barber

Vol. 15 #1 – November 2011
Joe Barber’s Column; An Important Primary Source Document: The Upper Canada Land Petition of Israel Olmstead, 1793, by Robbie Gorr; Comments by Doreen Dolleman; Henry Olmstead (part 1) by Geo. E. Olmstead; Canadian Native Heritage in Some Olmstead Lines by Robbie Gorr; Squatting in Petawawa Township; Olmstead Pioneers in the Upper Ottawa Valley by Robbie Gorr; Roy Olmstead by Joe Barber

Vol. 15 #2 – May 2012
Family of Job Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; An Important Primary Source Document: The Israel Olmstead Family Bible Record, by Robbie Gorr; Henry Olmstead (part 2) by Geo. E. Olmstead; The First Jabez Descendant in Canada by Robbie Gorr

Vol. 16 #1 – November 2012
Enoch Olmstead (part 2) by Doreen Dolleman; Were Capt. Jabez and Elizabeth Litten Former Indentured Servants? by Carl Hommel; John Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman

Vol. 16 #2 – June 2013
Joe Barber’s Column; Tragedy in the Olmstead Family by Doreen Dolleman; NEHGS Report on Capt. Jabez Olmsted

Vol. 17 #1 – December 2013
Clara Burdette Olmstead by Doreen Dolleman; NEHGS Report on Elizabeth (Litten) Olmsted; Identification of the parents of Elizabeth Olmsted in the Springfield Cemetery by Carl Hommel

Vol. 17 #2 – July 2014
Update on Jeremiah Olmstead by Doreen Dollman; Chapman Olmsted by Marie Schroder; Philemon Wright Store Ledger by Doreen Dollman; Map of the Town of Ware, MA; Borry/Cooper Patents


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