Notable Olmste(a)ds

Frederick Law Olmsted is widely known and we will only provide a brief explanation of his Olmsted ancestry. The National Geographic magazine May 2003 article about FLO and his contributions to American society is still relevant today. His portrait by John Singer Sergent is prominentely displayed at Biltmore; his work there is second only to New York City’s Central Park. His home and office in Brookline, Massachusetts is now a National Historic Site.
     FLO is often referred to as “America’s Park Planner as he and his firm were involved in the development of city parks from Boston to Seattle. Today the National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP) continues his legacy with regional groups in Buffalo, Louisville, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, others.
     FLO and his firm was hired by many prominent Americans to landscape their palatial homes. George Vanderbilt hired Olmsted to develop the grounds at his summer home Biltmore near Asheville, NC. Olmsted convinced Vanderbilt, to establish a managed forest on the thousands of acres he owned; today the Cradle of Forestry and North Carolina Arboretum are a legacy to FLO. There is a dramatic statue of Olmsted at the Arboretum.
     FLO was more than a landscape architect. His life and work is documented in a project of the Library of Congress in 14 volumes of published papers.
     An often asked question by Olmste(a)ds today is “how do I relate to FLO”? You may find the answer by charting your ancestry and comparing it to FLO’s ancestry.

Gideon Olmsted was a sea captain and The Journal of Gideon Olmsted provides a short review of the six-month sea voyage which led to a US Supreme precedent setting case of Federal over State’s rights.

“Rum Runner” Roy Olmstead — a Seattle Police Sargeant on the other side of the law.

Tommy Olmstead and the Affordable Care Act — two senior citizens challenged the system and won.

Other notable family members — short mentions here many of which include links to more extensive information.

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