Patriots of the Revolutionary War (1775-1784)

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From Chris Hueneke <[email protected]>, genealogist for the Umste(a)d Family:
White, Virgil D (transcribed by), Index to Revolutionary War Service Records, Vol. IV: S-Z, The National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, TN, 1995.
In reviewing all of the Olmsted, Olmstead, Olmested, Olmnstead, Olmpsted, Olmstd, Olmsteed, and Ompstead listings, many of them listed primarily in CT, NH, NY, VT, and MA, Chris stated they all appeared to be Olmste(a)ds. Specifics available upon request.
Notable is “OLMSTED or OLMSTED, Joseph, served as 2nd Lt in Stevens’ Corps of Arty in Cont Troops,” same as Abraham UMSTATTD below. Timothy, however, if he’s the same Timothy listed in Genealogical Abstracts by the same author (above), was from New Hampshire and is therefore probably an Olmste(a)d.
Chris determined that these are not Umste(a)ds:
“UMPHSTEAD, Jedidiah, srv in Wester’s Regt of NY Mil”
“UMPHSTED, Francis, srv as Pvt in Cook’s Regt of CT Mil”
“UMPSTED, Israel, srv as Pvt in Maj John Brown’s Detch of Mil from NH, VT & MA”
“UMPSTED, Nehemiah or as Nehemiah OLMSTED, srv as Pvt in Van Schaick’s NY Bttn”
“UMSTED, Gedeon, srv in Abbot’s Regt of VT Mil”
“UMSTED, Timothy, srv in 19th Regt of Cont Troops” – also listed as Olmstead.

Extracted from Records of Revolutionary War Veterans who lived in Madison County, New York by Isabel Bracy. Interlaken, NY: Heart of the Lakes Publishing, 1988.
“PIERCE, Benjamine. b. 1776, d. June 7, 1817. Wife Anna [169*] Olmstead, sons Samuel, Benjamine Jr. and Jonathan. Settled in Hamilton 1794. Served in Colonel Wadsworth’s Brigade of the CT Line, Captain in Militia 1800.”

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