Visitors to Olmstead Hall

There may have been many visitors to Olmstead Hall prior to the establishment of the guest book below but no records have survived, other than a mention here or there in individual’s records.

Frederick Law Olmsted did visit the Hall in the early 1850s as he indicted in his journal; he may well have visited again in later years.

Others include Grace Olmsted of Sardinia, NY  (1910) and Roland W. Olmsted (1921).

Olmstead Hall Guest Book

The Kiddies welcomed visitors to their home for over fifty years and asked each to sign the guest book.

Thanks go to Roger and Margaret Ruth of Rochester, NY for their efforts to preserve this record. Roger, a descendant of Millicent Olmsted (4114*), and his wife and Margaret were active members and supporters of the Olmste(a)d Family Association for many years.

On one of their later visits to Olmstead Hall they arranged to photo copy the original guest book which was then shown at the 1982 Olmste(a)d Family Association Reunion at Tufts University in Boston. The Ruth’s annotated the record of the visitors to Olmstead Hall with additional information that often include their genealogical number from the 1912 Olmsted Genealogy (in the tables below as ####*) or other ancestral references in [brackets] in the comments.

I believe that often only Olmste(a)ds or descendants signed and that the spouse or others, who most likely with them, were not included.

The guest book continues to the present and will be found on the on Guest Book 1982-Present.

Date Guest Hometown Comments
21 Oct 1932  Mabel Olmsted Holdridge (Mrs. Edgar P.) (3165*)
Maude Louise Olmsted (3166*) daughters of Parmelee C. Olmsted (2064*)
Grace Harriet Olmsted
 Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Cleveland, OH
15 Jul 1933  Katherine (Miller) Anderson and her husband, Ross P. Anderson  Pelham Manor, NY Katherine is daughter of Emma Jane (Olmsted) Miller (5506*)
 25  Jul 1934  Ashley W. Olmsted  Buffalo, NY;
later Simsbury, CT
Ashley is (10511*) (OFA #148)
return visits 31 Jul 1938 and 11 Jul 1974
10 Jul 1936  Carrie (Olmstead) Lilly (6716*) who was 75 years old
Marie (Lilly) Campbell and her husband Harry Eugene Campbell
 Madison, WI
3 Aug 1936  Mary Elizabeth Olmsted  The Bronx, NY
17 Aug 1936  George & Jennie M. Olmsted with Frances V. Olmsted  Evanston, IL
18 Jul 1937  Herbert W. Olmsted  Omaha, NE [Grandson of Phillip L. Olmsted (9790*)]
16 Jul 1938  Col. Ernest Sargent Olmsted (3238*) and his wife Alice (Lockwood) Olmsted  Des Moines, IA
21 Jul 1938  Florence (Grady) Foster (8667*) and her son,Harry Schuyler Foster, Jr. (9041*)  Delaware, OH
31 Jul 1938  Ashley W. Olmsted  Buffalo, NY (10511*) (OFA #148)
12 Mar 1944  Herman Nelson Shultz, S/Sgt, US Army and his brother, Charles Melville Shultz, 1st Lt, US Army Air Corp., sons of Elizabeth Shellman Olmsted (8470*). In July 1982, Charles returned with his wife Evelyn.  Evansville, IN
22 Sep 1945  Cleveland B. G. Rettig, US Army. His wife Lucretia visited 5 May 1950 and they returned 4 September 2002  Olmsted Manor, Somers, CT
18 Oct 1947  Remington Olmsted, Jr., son of Remington Olmsted (8616*), and “currently with road show of Oklahoma playing in London.”  Pasadena, CA
1 Sep 1949  Elsie A. Perry  Aberdeen, SD
5 May 1950  Lucretia Humphrey (Olmsted) Rettig (Mrs. Cleveland) (OFA #630) daughter of Arthur Herbert Olmsted (3423*); she also made return visits the most recent in Sept. 2002  Olmsted Manor, Somers, CT
7 Sep 1952  Margaret E. Olmsted (later Mrs. Richard Ford) (OFA #3) daughter of Charles Henry Olmsted (2468*)  East Hartford, CT
6 Aug 1953  Faith Mary Olmstead
Beatrice Olmstead Nichols, daughters of Normand Olmstead (2576*)
 Norwalk, CT
Haskell, NJ
28 Jul 1954  Charles H. Olmsted, Jr., son of Charles Henry Olmsted (2468*)  East Hartford, CT
15 Mar 1955  Ray Daniel Olmstead, son of Daniel Louis Olmstead (7351*) two visits on one European trip  Los Angeles, CA
13 Mar 1955  Ardiane (Olmsted) Fowler (9027*) with her daughters Mary Emily and Martha Summers; they returned on 14 Jul 1967. William Fowler was spending a year at Cavandish Labs, Cambridge Univ.  Pasadena, CA
10 Jun 1955 John Malcolm Olmsted (10121*) and his wife Elizabeth (Hed) Olmsted, his mother Susie (Mills) Olmsted, and his brother, Guilford Eldon Olmsted (10122*) and his wife Denise (Dennis) and son John Eldon Olmsted  American Embassy, Stockholm
Des Moines, IA
16 Jun 1957  Harry H. Olmsted, Jr., son of Harry Huston Olmsted (OFA #44)  Arlington, VA
13 Jul 1957  Dorothy Olmsted Cate  Minneapolis, MN
14 Jun 1958  Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Ogram  Washington, DC
9 Jul 1958  Mrs. Paul W. Kiese
(believed to be a granddaughter of Sarah (Olmsted) VanBuren)
 Toledo, OH
1 Sept 1958  Charlotte (Olmsted) Gill with her son Stephen Gill (who returned 7 Oct 1973) daughter of Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.  Palo Alto, CA
6 Apr 1960  Martin Olmsted Wallace, MD, son of Ella (Olmsted) Wallace (3033*); return visit 31 May 1975  Duluth, MN
1 Oct 1960  Lucy Lee Wren, daughter of Cornelia (Olmsted) Lee (8591*)  Mexico
25 Oct 1960  Joseph Kissick and his wife and her mother, Nellie (Olmsted) Cochran (who is a sister of a George W. Olmsted who visited the Hall in 1926)  Armonk, NY
18 Dec 1960  Glenn Dunlap Olmsted (3691*) and his wife Thelma (McMurray) Olmsted  Minneapolis, MN
21 Mar 1961  Calvin Philips, Jr., grandson of Martha Bennitt Olmsted (4689*)  Seattle, WA
30 Jun 1961  Anne Wakefield, daughter of Elizabeth (Olmsted) Wakefield (3155*)  Wayzata, MN
14 Oct 1961  Mrs. Stuart M. Hill and Mrs. H. H. Lounsberry, daughters of Ellen (Olmsted) Strong and granddaughters of Henry King Olmsted (1492*), compiler of the 1912 Olmsted Genealogy  Exeter, NH
Newtonville, MA
23 Jun 1962  Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Ogram, who had previously visited on 14 Jun 1958 and returned again 14 Sep 1965  Washington, DC
19 Jun 1963  Betsy (Bissell) Olmsted (Mrs. Theodore Dwight, Jr.) and daughter-in-law of Theodore Dwight Olmsted (7601*). Her husband visited 1 Apr 1978.  South Glastonbury, CT
8 Jul 1963  Elizabeth (Olmsted) Neal, daughter of Charles Edwin Olmsted (3318*)  West Palm Beach, FL
25 Jul 1963  Katherine Pfeifer, granddaughter of Katherine and Ross Anderson who visited 15 Jul 1933; great-granddaughter of Emma (Olmsted) Miller (5506*)  Kennett Square, PA
25 Jul 1963  Rev. and Mrs. Jan J. Toff, grandson of Frank P. Toof (3097*)  Oak Park, IL
28 Jul 1965  Sarah Olmsted Reid, daughter of Amelia (Olmsted) Reid (7600*)  New London, NH
15 Aug 1965  Frances E. Sage  Ithaca, NY
14 Sep 1965  Mrs. Ernest W. Ogram, with grandchildren
Bill, Toni, and Robbin
 Washington, DC
Atlanta, GA
26 Jun 1966  Frances L. Higgins, granddaughter of Cornelia Olmsted (8591*) P. B. C. Wren and his wife Lucy (Lee) Wren, daughter of Cornelia Corey Olmsted Lee and Loring Olmsted Lee (? brothers of Lucy ?)  Hazlemere, Eng
Putney Heath, Eng
Croydon, Surrey
9 Sep 1966  Mary (Goodwin) Olmsted, wife of Charles Henry Olmsted (2468*)
Margaret E. Olmsted, daughter of Charles & Mary above
Charles H. Olmsted, son of Charles & Mary above
 East Hartford, CT
East Hartford, CT
Mt. Holoyke College
9 Oct 1966  Mark Bradbury Hunter and his wife Sally (Wallace) Hunter, daughter of Martin Olmsted Wallace who visited the Hall 6 Apr 1960  Duluth, MN
12 Apr 1966  Mrs. J. S. Johnson  Altadena, CA
3 Jun 1967  Roger Allan Ruth and his wife Margaret (Stallman) Ruth  Rochester, NY
14 Jul 1967  Ardiane Olmsted Fowler (#9027) and her daughter, Martha S. Fowler Cabray Wortley, Jr., son of Janet (Olmsted) Wortley (9020*)  Pasadena, CA
26 Sep 1967  Marguerite (Olmsted) Garner (Mrs. Paul L.), daughter of George H. Olmsted (3252*)  North Hollywood, CA
14 Jun 1968  Mrs. Howard A. Brink and her son Robert N. Brink
granddaughter of Sarah Jane Olmstead
 East Hartford, CT
style=”text-align: center;”>8 Aug 1968  Ardiane Olmsted Fowler (9027*); this was her third visit Elizabeth Olmsted Smith (Mrs. Preston R.) (9025*)  Cambridge, Essex
Buffalo, NY
Aug 1969  Olive (Olmstead) Foster (Mrs. Newton) (OFA #137)
great-granddaughter of James Olmstead (5087*)
 Rutherford, NJ
25 May 1969  Helen Smith Wright, granddaughter of Helen Annette Olmsted  Waukesha, WI
15 Feb 1970  James Warren Olmsted, son of John Olmsted (3154*)  Boston, MA and
Deering, NH
11 May 1970  Garrett Scott Olmsted, son of John Bartow Olmsted, II (9024*)  New Hartford, CT
12 Jul 1970  Gordon Mercer Olmsted, son of John Meigs Hubbell Olmsted
 Carbondale, IL
13 Aug 1970  Eileen (Bickford) Hodgson, daughter of Louisa (Olmsted)
Bickford (6657*)
 Niagara Falls, Ont.
Sep 1970  Mary (Olmsted) Beneduci, daughter of Prescott S. Olmsted
 Florence, Italy
10 Jan 1971  Charles R. Olmsted, grandson of Frederick Olmsted (1940*), his daughter Marion P. Olmsted and son Rick R. Olmsted  Portland, OR
Jan 1971  Catherine Bedlow VanAlstyne Weller  Kansas City, MO
20 May 1971  Marjorie Elaine (Beelby) Smallman (Mrs. Robert L), daughter of Mary Gertrude (Olmsted) (10266*) Beelby  Poway, CA
23 May 1971  Dr. David L. Herrick, son of Wilma (Shoemaker) Hetrick (10377*) and his daughters Carol, Nancy, and Amy  Tucson, AZ
1 Aug 1971  Robert L. Lee, son of Cornelia Bryan Olmsted (8591*), and his son Patrick C. Lee  Monterrey,  Mexico
27 Aug 1971  Frederick S. Olmsted  Longmeadow, MA
23 Oct 1971  Jonathan Olmsted, son of J. Warren Olmsted who visits the Hall in 1977 and grandson of John Olmsted (3154*)  New York, NY
3 May 1972  Roger Allan and Margaret (Stallman) Ruth (OFA #131); they previously visited May-June 1967 and would return again in July 1980  Rochester, NY
1 Jun 1972  Kenneth Dean Olmstead (10545*) and his daughter Rose Ann Olmstead  Syracuse, NE
Jun 1972  Charles R. Olmsted, grandson of Frederick Olmsted (1940*). He
visited in January 1971 and returned to take pictures
 Portland, OR
8 Jun 1972  Gordon Mercer Olmsted, son of John Meigs Hubbell Olmsted
(8089*), he previously visited in July 1970
 Carbondale, IL
24 Jun 1972  James William Olmstead [most likely the son of William James “Big Bill” Olmstead who founded the modern Olmstead Family Association and is a son of Frederick William Olmstead (6446*)]  Halifax, NS
9 Aug 1972  Emily Mercer Olmsted, daughter of John Meigs Hubbel Olmsted (8089*)  Palo Alto, CA
17 Sep 1972  Prescott Seymour Olmsted (9021*). He had first visited in July 1926 by bicycle from Cambridge  Houston, TX
22 Sep 1972  Eleanor Louise (Olmsted) MacAyeal (Mrs. Robert A.) (10528*)  Vero Beach, FL
10 Apr. 1973  Elizabeth (Olmsted) Neal, daughter of Charles Edwin Olmsted (3318*); previously visited 8 Jul 1963  West Palm Beach, FL
31 Jul 1973  William Edward Olmstead, (OFA #28) a 4th great-son of Jedediah Olmsted (9090*), with his sons William Harold and Randall Edward  Chicago. IL
7 Oct 1973  Stephen Paschall Gill, grandson of Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. (2356*) accompanied by Miles David Powell of Fresno, CA; he previously visited 1 Sep 1958 with his mother, Charlotte (Olmsted) Gill  Atherton, CA
18 Jan 1974  Garrett Scott Olmsted, son of John Bartow Olmsted, II (9024*); he previously visited 11 May 1970  Cambridge, MA
6 Jun 1974  David Allen Crowell, son of Julia Susannah Olmsted (10268*)  Long Beach, CA
11 Jul 1974  Ashley Williams Olmsted (10511*) (OFA #148) and his nephew Donald Williams Olmsted, son of Clarence Bushnell Olmsted (10512*)  Simsbury, CT
Cleveland, OH
19 Jul 1974  Allen Seymour Olmsted (8618*) and his grandsons
Eric & Kenneth Olmsted, sons of Peter Scott Olmsted
 Moylan, PA
24 Jul 1974  Sterling Pitkin Olmsted, son of Harry Dwight Olmsted (2430*)  Wilmington, OH
23 Feb 1975  Allen Olmsted Vejar, son of Helen (Olmsted) Vejar (3828*)  San Francisco, CA
31 May 1975  Martin Olmsted Wallace, MD, son of Ella (Olmsted) Wallace (3033*) previously visited on 6 Apr 1960  Duluth, MN
Jul 1975  John VanBuren Perry  Riverton, WY
25 Jul 1975  Carolyn Negley Grohe (Mrs. William), granddaughter of William Henry Olmsted (1312*)  San Francisco, CA
3 Sep 1975  Byron Lance Olmstead (OFA #45) and his children,
Donald Bradley, Sherry Lynne, and G. William Craig
 Vancouver, BC
20 Sep 1975  Dorothy Olmsted Calahan  Laguna Hills, CA
19 Apr 1976  Christine Towner, great-granddaughter of Edmond B. Edwards (7014*)  Fairport, NY
14 May 1976  Phoebe Olmstead Phillips  New Vernon, NJ
2 Nov 1976  Arlene (Truax) Bock (Mrs. Edward C.), daughter of Ruth Elizabeth Olmsted (2945*)  Fulton, NY
22 Nov 1976  Kimberly Hunt Olmsted, granddaughter of Harold Leroy Olmsted (8617*)  Cape Elizabeth, ME
14 Jan 1977  Susan (Olmstead) Douffas (Mrs. Philip), daughter of
Normand Olmstead (2576*)
 Manassas, VA
29 Apr 1977  John Meigs Hubbel Olmsted (8089*)  Carbondale, IL
1 May 1977  Peter Clarke Olmstead, grandson of Daniel Louis Olmstead (7351*); his father, Ray Daniel Olmstead, visited the Hall in Dec 1954 and again in Mar 1955  Los Angeles, CA
31 May 1977  Jean Christensen Kehn, granddaughter of Daniel Louis Olmstead (7351*) and niece of Ray Daniel Olmstead who visited the Hall in 1954 and 1955  San Mateo, CA
17 Jul 1977  James Warren Olmsted, and his wife Harriet, son of John Olmsted (3154*) and first cousin to Ashley W. Olmsted who visited the Hall three times  Deering, NH
31 Jul 1977  Robert K. Stilwell, grandson of Julia Susannah Olmsted (10268*)  Yorba Linda, CA
8 Aug 1977  Harriet (Olmsted) Bottje (Mrs. Eugene P.) (OFA #76), daughter of Harold Clarence Olmsted (6767*)  Mount Prospect, IL
1 Sep 1977  Margaret Stanley (Olmsted) Negley (Mrs. Noel A.), daughter of William Henry Olmsted (1312*), with her daughter (who previously visited Carolyn (Negley) Grohe (Mrs. William), and her grand-daughter Margaret Grohe  Manteca, CA
San Francisco, CA
9 Sep 1977  Donna Buckenmaier, great-granddaughter of Hannah L. Olmsted (1834-1894) and Laura Hayes Buckenmaier, Casey, and Bruce Buckenmaier.  Westport, CT
19 Sep 1977  Alice Olmstead (OFA #160), daughter of
Harmon Camp Olmstead (6123*)
 Eugene, OR
29 Dec 1977  Fay (Olmstead) Marchino, daughter of William Green Olmstead (8274) and her husband Elmer F. Marchino. Her story of their visit to the Hall was published by Ralph Olmsted in the 1978 reprint of the 1912 Genealogy  Indianapolis, IN
1 Apr 1978  Theodore Dwight Olmsted III (OFA #116), grandson of Theodore Dwight Olmsted (7601*)  Glastonbury, CT
22 Apr 1978  Paul & Marion Bulger and Jack & Ruth King, friends of Richard Olmsted of Indiana University  Orchard Park, NY
22 May 1978  Ruth Olmsted, daughter of Sterling Pitkin Olmsted who visited the Hall 24 Jul 1974 and granddaughter of Harry Dwight Olmsted (2430*)  Oskaloosa, IA
25 May 1978  Helen Elizabeth Evans, granddaughter of Helen Olmsted  Tolland, CT
3 Aug 1978  Clayton Wallace Kohlhaas, great-grandson of Ella E. Olmsted (3033*) and son of  Martin Olmsted Wallace who visited the Hall 31 May 1975  Duluth, MN
25 Sep 1978  Timothy Merwin, Jr. (OFA #194), grandson of
Jane Hyde Olmsted (7887*)
 Wilton, CT
18 Mar 1979  Rev Richard W. Daniels, son of Ruth (Olmsted) Daniels (10533*), and his children Jan, Dinah, Jodi, and Tex. See next entry for his mother.  Tulsa, OK
22 May 1979  Ruth Constance (Olmsted) Daniels (Mrs. C. W.) (10533*) (OFA #83) and her daughter Barbara Lee (Daniels) Laundergan (10538*)  Connersville, IN
New Fairfield, CT
25 Jun 1979  Linda (Olmstead) Wagner, granddaughter of
Edwin Karl Olmstead (3513a*)
 Littleton, CO
7 Jul 1979  Betty Jean (Olmstead) MacLachlan (OFA #572), granddaughter of William VanShack Olmsted (5487*) and her husband Ralph W. MacLachlan  Galway, NY
24 Jul 1979  Beatrice Olmstead  Sherburne, NY
9 Aug 1979  John Radojits, representing Ruth Wolcott (Olmstead) Weedem (10544*)  Albuquerque, NM
9 Aug 1979  Ralph Patterson Olmstead (3861*) and his daughter
Kathryn (Olmstead) Swanson
 Battle Creek, MI
Stockholm, ME
12 Sep 1979  Gene Olmstead Mores and Garth Olmstead, 4th-great-grand-children of Jedediah Olmstead (9090*)  Calgary, AB
Vancouver, BC
19 Sep 1979  George Rhodes Olmsted (OFA #253), son of
Glenn Dunlap Olmsted (3691*)
 Minneapolis, MN
7 May 1980  Linda (Olmstead) Wagner and her grandmother Marjorie (Garrett) Olmstead (Mrs. Edwin Karl Olmstead (3513a*))  Littleton, CO
28 May 1980  Robert S. Miller, great-grandson of Allison Read Olmstead (6465*)  Chicago, IL His parents, Ken & Audrey Miller visited on
12 Jul 1980  William George Olmsted
Patricia (Olmsted) Newman
 Calgary, Alberta
21 Jul 1980  Rev. Robert Warren Olmsted and his daughter Carol Anne Olmsted  Calgary, AB
San Diego, CA
[Son of Warren Haskins Olmsted (8629*)]
30 Jul 1980  Roger Allan and Margaret (Stallman) Ruth  Rochester, NY  OFA #95
30 Aug 1980  Marion (Kirby) Benz (OFA #95) and her sister Ruth E. Kirby (OFA #94) daughters of Unknown Olmsted  Oceanport, NJ
Red Bank, NJ
2 Nov 1980  General George Hamden Olmstead, US Army (Ret.), son of Ernest Sargent Olmsted (3238*)  Washington, DC
21 Feb 1981  Clarke Lee Olmstead, grandson of George Edward Olmstead (7436*); his father visited later in the year  Lighthouse Point, FL
14 Apr 1981  Edwin Douglas Olmstead, II, grandson of Esley Cecil Olmstead (8581*)  Anchorage, AK
18 Jun 1981  Earl William Olmstead, grandson of Ernest Dempsey Olmstead of Saint Lawrence Co., NY  Amesbury, MA
22 Jun 1981  Larry Olmstead, David B. Olmstead, and John Curtis Olmstead  Webster City, IA
25 Jul 1981  Gail Hunt Ferguson, daughter of Elizabeth Bartlett (Olmsted) Carter (10355*)  London, England and California
14 Aug 1981  Howard Lee Olmstead (OFA #99), son of George E. Olmstead (7436*)  Lighthouse Point, FL

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