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Olmsteads in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Debra Smith (August 18, 2014)

Hey folks my name is Debra Smith. My father was William “Spud” Olmstead. He had a brother Buddy Olmstead. Three sisters. Their Mom and Dad was Katie and Hurst Olmstead As far as i know all from around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Anybody out there kin?

Isabel Olmsted — Fairfield, CT
Michael Disbrow <[email protected]> (December 2008)

    I am seeking the parents and ancestors of my third great grandmother, Isabel (Olmsted) Disbrow, born c1769 in Connecticut.  She married 24 June 1796 in Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT, to Reuben Disbrow.  Her name was spelled “Ezebel Olmsted” in the marriage record.  Reuben Disbrow was born 13 May 1773 in Fairfield , son of Elias & Olive (Gray) Disbrow.  He had a twin sister named Elizabeth “Betsey” who married May 1793 as the third wife of Samuel Olmstead (4037*); Samuel b 1740-1750, son of Gardner (3984*) and Phebe (3992*), who were first cousins, of the Richard line.
After marriage Reuben and Isabel moved to Warwick, Orange Co., NY, where their son Nathan Olmstead Disbrow was born in 1801.  In 1815 they moved to the Town of Millport in what is now Schuyler Co., NY, where Reuben died in 1833.  Isabel Disbrow was alive in 1850, living in the household of her son Nathan and her age on the census that year was listed as 80.  In the 1855 census her age was given as 86; it is presumed she died between 1855 and 1860.
I am presuming Isabel belongs to one of the Olmsted families living in Norwalk, Wilton, or vicinity in Fairfield County, CT in 1769, and going on the possibility that her father’s name might have been Nathan (due to the fact that her son bore that name).  I have found a couple different Nathans in the area during the time period:
1) Nathan Olmsted, b. 14 Nov. 1748 in Wilton, CT, son of James (b. 1708) and Hannah; he died in 1802 but I have no further info.
2) Nathan Olmsted, b. 1748 in Poplar Plains, CT, son of Gardner (b. 1716) and Phebe; no further information.  The Samuel Olmsted who married Betsey Disbrow in 1793 may have been the Samuel who was a son of Gardner and Phebe, b. 1746, although he would have been much older than Betsey.
The possibility also exists that their child, Nathan, was named for her brother, grandfather, or a grand uncle.
Any help or suggestions toward finding more on the Olmsteds of Wilton, or Isabel’s parents, would be greatly appreciated.

Earl Olmstead — Genesee Valley region, NY
Walt Steesy <[email protected]> (Nov 2008)

       Earl was b 18 Jan 1921 in Alma or West Almond, Allegany Co., NY, the fourth child of Francis & Mary (Kimble) Olmstead; his mother died. Frank remarried in 1925 and due to nature of their new mother, the older children left home to live with other relatives and Earl was adopted out of the family. NYS adoption records are sealed and despite many years of searching his older sister, Irene, was never able to find any trace of her “baby brother.”
Recently a story has come to light that in the early 1980s a student at Saint Bonaventure, a few miles from Olean, called the only Olmstead listed in the local phone book, Howard (1911-1995) who happened to be Earl’s first cousin. Apparently, Earl has been raised in the Rochester area, had married and had children. Following Earl’s death, his children found evidence of the adoption in their Dad’s papers; he had never made it known to anyone in the family. It wasn’t until a number of years later that Howard even mentioned it to other in the family.
A nephew of Earl is a participant in the “Olmstead Project” at FTDNA; to date there have been no close matches revealed. It is the families hope that eventually some connection will be made.

Dennis Olmstead of Buffalo, NY
Pat Stansbury <[email protected]> (Nov 2008)

        I am looking for the parents and/or siblings of Dennis John Olmstead, b 10 Sep 1945 in Buffalo, NY. He was given up for adoption around 1946 and was adopted in 1955 by the Snyder family in Buffalo. I have assumed that his mother’s maiden name was Olmstead and she was not married; this may be incorrect.
One possibility, that I have not been able to connect, is a William A. & Catherine M. Olmstead with daughter Catherine who lived on Tyler Ave. in 1943 and then on East Utica Street in 1946. I have not been able to learn more about this family.

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