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Contributed by Dave Mason

There has been, and will continue for many years, confusion over the first three generations of the Captain Jabez Olmsted’s family. Dave Mason created the chart and information below as a help to other descendants who are confused over the wives of two of Capt. Jabez’s grandsons, Israel (#1-3-8) and Gideon (#1-11-1) who married Cooley sisters; the other children in the families are not extended in this chart.

Walt Steesy


Awhile ago I received an e-mail from Family Search (the LDS website) about an Omstead ancestor of mine, Gideon Omsted. The e-mail indicated that new info was found about Gideon’s wife Elizabeth Cooley who had re-married to Joshua Fairchild.

I knew this was wrong as Gideon Omsted had married Elizabeth’s sister, Abigail Cooley. It was actually Gideon’s cousin Israel Omsted who married Elizabeth.

And after moving to Canada, Elizabeth (Cooley) Omsted apparently divorced Israel to marry Joshua. In my research I found numerous (many, many) family trees on the internet with this error and commonly calling him Gideon Israel or Israel Gideon. It seems that people saw that both Gideon and Israel’s birth years were 1757 and evidently assumed it was the same person. However, they are first cousins as their fathers were brothers.

This led me on the research that created the limited table below of the direct Omsted families. This table is pretty rudimentary but I did find original vital records to verify the dates and places. My goal was to have a ready reference if similar questions arose in the future. This table may be useful to others who are researching the family. I have corrected the data of Family Search but as that website is open to anyone, it may once again become polluted by someone who hasn’t done their research.

Another item of note was that the surname spelling in the majority of the documents did not have the “l” or “a”; that came at a later time in the family line. And for that matter, my ancestors never adopted the “l” in the surname but did use the “a” starting with Gideon’s children, including my third great-grandfather Jacob Omstead and my second great-grandfather Nelson Gideon Omstead. I know that the family name has been standardized to Olmsted or Olmstead by others and I only mention this because in doing internet searches it may require using multiple spellings, especially on WikiTree. WikiTree doesn’t always bring up alternate spellings of a surname when it is the second letter that is missing or added.

Dave Mason, 25 November 2018

 #  Name  Birth Date  Death Date  Notes
 1  Jabez Omsted  1690  24 Feb 1752  m. 1712, Thankful Barnes
 1-1  Thankful Omsted  15 Feb 1713  6 Oct 1743  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-2  Jeremiah Omsted  6 Jan 1715  2 Apr 1790  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-3  Israel Omsted  24 Mar 1716  1806  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-4  Hannah Omsted  22 Apr 1718  20 Oct 1793  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-5  Martha Omsted  16 Sep 1721  3 Jan 1744  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-6  Dorcas Omsted  15 Apr 1724  1752  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-7  Sarah Omsted  24 May 1726  1748  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-8  Silence Omsted  30 Nov 1728  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-9  Abigail Omsted  24 Mar 1731  5 Feb 1833  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-10  Prudence Omsted  28 Oct 1733  b. Brookfield, Mass
 1-11  Moses Omsted  29 Jan 1736  26 Sep 1795  b. Brookfield, Mass
 Jabez’s 2nd marriage  m. 2 Feb 1749, Martha Wright
 1-3  Israel Omsted  m. 12 May 1737, Sarah Bannister
 1-3-1  Dorothy Omsted  15 Dec 1737
 1-3-2  Thankful Omsted  7 Oct 1739
 1-3-3  Simeon Omsted  27 Sep 1741  b. Ware, Mass
 1-3-4  Timothy Omsted  19 Nov 1743  20 Nov 1812  b. Ware, Mass
 1-3-5  Joseph Omsted  1745  1804
 1-3-6  John Omsted  1747
 1-3-7  Jabez Omsted  1749
 Israel’s 2nd marriage  m. 25 Nov 1756, Anna Safford
 1-3-8  Israel Omsted  5 Sep 1757  bpt. 4 Jun 1758  b. Warwick, Mass; bpt. Hardwick, Mass.
 1-3-9  Charles Omsted  26 Apr 1760  b. Warwick, Mass.
 1-3-10  Sarah Omsted  8 Apr 1761  b. Warwick, Mass.
 1-3-11  Jonathan Omsted  15 Apr 1762  b. Warwick, Mass.
 1-3-12  Ebenezer Omsted  29 Apr 1763  b. Warwick, Mass.
 1-3-13  Mary Omsted  29 Mar 1765  b. Warwick, Mass.
 1-11  Moses Omsted  m. 1754, Abigail Elwell
 res. 1771, Pittsford, VT
 1-11-1  Gideon Omsted  1757  1779, Hoosick, NY
 1-11-2  Jonas Omsted  1759
 1-11-3  Jabez Omsted  1 Jun 1760  28 Dec 1813  b. Hardwick, Mass.
 1-11-4  Moses Omsted  25 Jun 1762  b. Hardwick, Mass.
 1-11-5  Simeon Omsted  1765
 1-11-6  Lucy Omsted  1768
 1-11-7  Benjamin Omsted  1771  13 Apr 1852
 1-3-8  Israel Omsted  m. c. 1777, Elizabeth Cooley, Pittsford, VT
to Canada, c. 1793
 1-3-8-1  Harvey Omsted  10 Feb 1794  1 Mar 1879  to Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY
 1-11-1  Gideon Omsted  m. c. 1781, Abigail Cooley, Pittsford, VT
to Canada, c. 1792
 1-11-1-1  Moses
 1-11-1-2  (daughter) Omsted  1784
 1-11-1-3  Jacob Omsted  Jan 1786  31 Mar 1866

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